Did You Know That A Woman’s Brain is Four Years Younger Than A Man?

According to a new study, a woman’s brain is four years younger than a man! Well, there is a saying that Mr is right but Mrs is always right. In many other previous studies, it was proved that women are smarter than men. Furthermore, history brings up a few names of women who capsized dynasties by their astute alacrity. These women shaped the course of history with their intelligence, strength, passion and leadership qualities. The emotional brawn of these women could make any man go weak on their knees.

Now, science too could not help but approve of the fact. According to the study that has referred above, women are likely to stay mentally sharp in their advanced years than men. Scientists conducted a research based on age and metabolism rather than birth date and figured out that women’s brains are persistently younger than men’s.

Scientists further said that the brain age of women are 3.8 years younger than men. The fact becomes prevalent from their early childhood itself and it continues through adulthood to extend to old age! Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, you perhaps already know that brains start to shrink with age and men’s shrink faster as compared to a woman’s. As the person ages, there are some changes visible in the brain which happens by using the energy of a person’s lifetime. In a study in contrast, it was proved that the changes in brain occur faster in men than they do in women!

The US team of researchers landed this conclusion after looking at PET brain scan images from 205 men and women belonging to the age group of 20 to 82. The scan was aimed at measuring the flow of oxygen and glucose sugar which the brain uses for energy. However, the pattern of use alters with age.

Dr. Mannu Goyal, lead scientist from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis said, ” It is not that men’s brains age faster- they start adulthood about three years older than women, and that persists throughout life”.

He further added, ” What we don’t know is what it means. I think this could mean that the reason women don’t experience as much cognitive decline in later years is because their brains are effectively younger, and we are currently working on a study to confirm that”.

The researchers will now keep a watch on a group of adults as they age to see whether people with younger-looking brains are less likely to grow cognitive problems.

The findings of the study was published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Hence, it is proved that time wears differently on women’s and men’s brains.

Go women, slay!

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