4 Forbidden Places In The World For Travel Enthusiasts

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A world covered with beautiful distinctive scenic beauty attracts travel enthusiasts. The traveler may love to climb a mountain or simply relax in a resort. In both cases, they enjoy the beauty of nature on earth to any extremes. No one can imagine that some beauty of nature has restricted people to view and experience their essence. There are few forbidden places on the earth that travel enthusiasts can never step in. Nature has always been open to all the creatures of the earth but newly discovered places that are not protected for people.

The top four places are forbidden for travel enthusiasts

Places that are incredible due to different reasons but no one is allowed to visit. This develops a curiosity in mind as, why these places not accessible for common people. There can be any reason from natural calamity to an unnatural disaster that discourages the access of humans to the places.

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Varosha Cyprus

Till 1974 it was one of the popular places for great personalities but later it turned to be the forbidden place in the world. After the invasion of Turkey through the sea route it has been occupied. No one is allowed to step into this expensive resort of Cyprus.

It is more than 5 decades that the resort is vacant and if anyone is seen entering are ordered to be shot at first sight. One time Varosha Cyprus was an expensive and luxurious hotel that is now a barren place without life. This elegant building now stands abandoned with no life.

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Heard Island, Australia

Many volcanic areas are accessible for tourists or travel enthusiasts. They travel to visualize the fire and eruptions but Heard Island in Australia is forbidden for travelers.  It is an active volcano that last erupted in 2016. To keep the place and its ecology protected the access is only limited to the scientists. Penguins are present in the remote Heard Island. It would have been one of the best attractions that are connected to the London Landmark.

Skeleton Coast Namibia

One of the dangerous coasts is the skeleton coast of Namibia. It does not matter how intense a travel enthusiast you are this beach will give a horrifying feeling. The water and the sea are dangerously covered with 11 species of sharks. Not only this lions and hyenas are also seen roaming around the beach of the skeleton coast.

Mount Athos, Greece

Mount Athos is the place for monks who settled here thousand years ago in Greece. They stay in the monasteries and still live there. It is disheartening for female travel enthusiasts as they are not allowed to climb the mountains. Only male travelers are allowed to enter the mountains to the monasteries of the monks.

Believe it or not but it’s true there is no female, nor human neither animals are present in Mount Athos.

Several places are accessible despite dangers and limitations. Travel enthusiasts have the craziness to experience the extremes. But these are a few of the places that have been forbidden for travelers for balancing nature and human life or ecology.

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