You Won’t Believe The Daily Schedule Of These 5 Famous People

Daily Schedule Famous People

When someone is famous for good reasons, there has to be a lot of hard work and skills hidden behind that success.

And one of the most important things that impacts their success a lot is their daily schedule. To be specific, when they sleep, when they wake up and how they function.

On that note, we found out the daily schedule of these 5 famous people and you will be shocked to know the same.

Here, have a look at Daily Schedule Famous People :

1. Shahrukh Khan

We all know how Shahrukh explains in his interview that he has a tight schedule and he barely gets time to be with his family. Actually, it’s not just that, he doesn’t even get time to sleep and in the past few years, he has never slept for more than 4 hours a day. And those 4 hours he has to find in any time of the day. Can you believe it?


2. Narendra Modi

He is 63 years old and yet, he follows a strict schedule. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, only sleeps for 5 hours a day and he makes a point to wake up at 4 AM every day to practice Yoga.

Daily Schedule Famous People

3. Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple, Time Cook is very well known amongst his employees for sending work mails at 4.30 AM in the morning. And just when it clicks 5, he heads to the gym for his workout. He has been following this schedule from over a very long time now.

Daily Schedule Famous People

4. Barack Obama

Barack Obama, president of the United States sleeps less than 6 hours every night. Even then, he makes sure to wake up at 6 AM every day and have breakfast with his family. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Daily Schedule Famous People

5. Bill Gates

Well, nobody becomes as rich as Bill Gates without a rigid schedule. This man sleeps for just 6 hours every day and no matter how tired or sleep deprived he is, he heads to the gym every day for Cardio at 6 AM.

Daily Schedule Famous People

This is Daily Schedule Famous People – So, if you wish to achieve a little success in your life, you will have to be as hard working as these people. If nothing, have a schedule that you can follow strictly and see how things turn around for good.

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