Ladies! Do You Want To Control The Mood Swings?

Mood swings

Control the mood swings – Have you ever experienced sudden change in your emotions without any valid reason? It’s a very common issue we all women have to deal with now and then. Weekend outing at your favorite destination has gone wrong, because your rejuvenating plan turned into a frustrating trip.

All that, not because the plan failed but your obnoxious mood swing has taken the toll.

The unnecessary frustration feat is nothing but the mood swings, which every ladies out there can relate.

Mood swings

Ophelia turning out to be Lady Macbeth can be possible, when she is experiencing mood swings! No justification, just a transformation of character from a docile, timid girl to a ferocious lady. There are various conditions and lifestyle choices under which we react so unpredictably. Some are:

  • When the dates approach, a woman can only understand what she experiences both physically and mentally. Scientifically the shifting of hormone levels can result into mood swings. So, if your lovey-dovey lady has turned into Manikarnika, then her dates must be around the corner.
  • Oh this Mr.Stress, most unwelcomed guest of our life, who loves to spoil the mood and eat up the energy without invitation. Along with anxiety they do a tango in our minds and we execute it in our mood swings.
  • Depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety may result into psychological disorders and behavioral changes, which results into mood swings.
  • The magicians in our body, the hormones can force you to make a heaven out of hell; or can pester you to turn the heaven into hell. Magician or Satan in disguise! Increased serotonin level can turn bed of rocks into a Kurl-on mattress and lack of it can make your home a desert. All is about hormone maya!

The list may continue with puberty, pregnancy and various other factors. We are here not to bore you with the problem, but to enlighten you with some easy solution so that you can control your mood swings and spare your loved ones from the unpredictable wrath.

Mood swings

The list of things to alleviate your mood swings and help you to be yourself continues …

Regular exerciseis necessary to keep the mind and body in a healthy track. Exercise increases the feel-good hormone endorphins in your blood, which alleviates stress and acts as a mood booster.

Don’t depend on alcohol, caffeine for boosting your mood. They may give a momentary break, but the hangover brings in the swinging mood. Better to replace with healthy fluids like fresh juices and healthy practices.

While digging into the measures, I bumped into calcium supplement. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. We already know, that calcium is good for bone health and women needs it the most, but it can also help the beauties to fight depression, anxiety and control the fluctuating mood.

Mood swings

Hunger can tax your mood, don’t remain hungry for longer. Being hungry is another good reason for igniting the mood swings. Make sure in-between large meals, you take smaller bites to keep your mood in a steady path.

Practice stress management with meditation, deep breathing and yoga.

Forbid yourself from turning into an internet parasiteas it directly affects our behavioral attitude. We often suffer from sleep deprivation, when we become YouTube, Facebook addicts. Make sure you give a perfect eight hours sleep to your body. Sound sleep works wonder in alleviating mood swings.

Mood swings

This is just a guide, you are smarter than this ladies. So, when you know your problem and yourself, then nothing remains a problem. You yourself is a solution for your mood swings, make sure you swing in a pleasant breeze. Don’t let it turn to a tempest. Initially this piece of writing can be of some help ladies!

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