Leading State of Cancer Rates  In India

Cancer state

Cancer state, the disease which is increasing as few states of India who is facing the ugly phase of cancer destroying the lives of people.

State’s population that lead in cancer is necessary to mention in order to affect and destroyed people due to cancer.

Cancer state of India


Punjab has the highest death rate on cancer, the farming oriented state, which has also the highest grain production that suffering from this deadly disease. Reason for this deadly disease has been the pesticides that are used for the proper and healthy growth of the grain, pesticides which are used to resists the harmful effects of the germs or insects that damage the wide range of growing agricultural plants.

Simultaneous and regular exposure to the sun rays, the harmful effect of the sun rays or the UV rays cause skin cancer, if the skin cancer cannot be treated which may spread to different parts of the organs leading to death. Farmers are exposed to harmful pesticides and the UV rays of the sun leading to the loss of life “because of cancer”.

On the other hand, excessive use of drugs, alcohol and smoking may be also a reason for an increase in the rate of cancer.

Cancer state

West Bengal

The rate of oral cancer is highest in men, while with cervical cancer in women. The reason for the increase in oral cancer in men can be due to the intoxicated intakes like smoking, tobaccos etc… especially it is seen within the teenagers that they began with these sorts of intoxicated items. Generally, as they step into colleges, therefore ignoring the health injurious intake may reduce the chances of oral cancer especially into the rural areas of Bengal.

While cervical cancer in women is also on a high rate in West Bengal, therefore, few preventive measures have been invented to avoid the deadly spreading of cervical cancer in women.

Cancer state


The death toll due to cancer in Gujarat is ranking at number nine. In recent publications, Gujarat has been mentioned to be ranking as on “The world Cancer day”, 2018. Once again the highest oral cancer increase in Gujarat, tobacco chewing has been the main reason for the increase of oral cancer. In the last three years the death rate has increased in both men and women.

Urban and semi-urban parts of Gujarat are found to be highly affected by oral cancer.

Cancer state

Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh

Assam the third ranking in Oesophagal cancer, while the Mizoram being the smaller in population shows the sign of worry while the cancer rates have increased almost in equally in both male and female apart from it the tongue cancer mostly in men, lung cancer, tongue cancer, stomach cancer in both male and female. In males the hypopharynx cancer and gland cancer, which is next to the sign of danger as the low populated area with high rate and almost all are a deadly form of cancer that is developing in the state.

Arunachal Pradesh is also one of the states in  Northeast apart from Mizoram, the cancer rate is increasing day by day.

Cancer state

Spreading of cancer state wise is just a gist about the manner this disease has occupied the human nature but when observed generally hundreds and thousands are suffering from cancer, all over India.

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