From Fire Facial To Snail Facial, Here Are 7 Bizarre Beauty Treatments That Will Scare The Shit Out Of You!

Bizarre Beauty Treatments

Bizarre Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments – One thing that guarantees to make you look gorgeous, right?

But, bizarre beauty treatments guarantees to make you look gorgeous (I think so) by scaring the shit out of you. (Yes!!)

Yes, the bizarre treatments that I will mention are something that keeps the celebrities striking as well. Right from Fish Pedicure to Snail Facial to Vampire Facial, these treatments will make you feel miserable without any doubt.

Honestly, hats off to those people who really try these beauty treatments to look hot as hell or whatever you say it. I don’t know about whether you will dare to use these treatments or not, but sure as hell, I will never dare to do it at any freaking cost.

So, are you ready to see what these bizarre beauty treatments are? Here we go…

  1. Snail Facial – Snail Facial mainly guarantees to make you look younger. Applying live snails on face is used to make your skin smooth and shiny. It is said that snail’s mucus contains proteins, and antioxidants in it that helps the skin to rejuvenate completely. Well, can you imagine snails crawling on your face? I can’t.

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