I Desperately Need To Know These Secret About Men!


Last time I checked, men claimed to be open books and less bothered of the dark dwelling secrets of women, if women allowed them to peacefully scratch their balls in public!

But that seems far from the truth!

There are many questions that linger in my mind when I see this more or less aimless creature with less hair on the real head and more on everywhere else on the body! Only if a gentle one would come up to answer and oblige, I would die at peace!

So, to the species that hails from Mars and ends up everywhere, here are some of dark Secret About Men!

I really really want to know!

  1. Do you really corner-eye other men’s assets in urinals?
  2. Why do you adjust yourself in public?
  3. How hard is it to aim into the toilet?
  4. Why do you leave the seat up?
  5. Why is food and drinks the priority over a long walk?
  6. If you’re not interested in someone will you still hang around just to get laid, at least once?
  7. Do you actually abide by the texting rule after a date?
  8. When Whatsapping a girl, do you analyse what you’re going to say or just go for it?
  9. Why are sports so important than the sexiest girl sitting next to you! (Sometimes maybe)
  10. When you say you’re “emotionally damaged” are you actually or you are just trying to be the sissy!
  11. What is the kick that you get by ogling at every girl who passes your sight? (Don’t answer if you are not in this category)
  12. If you shave your face does the hair grow back thicker? (Well, this happens to us girls)
  13. Do you like shaving the hidden territories or you just do it for your girlfriend?
  14. Do you and your friends compare sizes? (Your own, not the woman sizes)
  15. How bad is it REALLY to get hit in the balls and If you could compare the pain to something, what would you compare it to?
  16. Do you really like boasting among your friends if a girl texts you?
  17. Do you show off your girl among your friends by showing her semi-nude pictures on the phone?
  18. “Playing hard to get”, Is it your favourite game when the girl actually approaches you going against your imagination? (Ego booster, right?)
  19. Why is it impossible to tell what you’re thinking? (While we always think that you are thinking about either food or sex!)

So mates, these are my valid questions which will certainly help me to take a little peep into men’s secret world, and that definitely would be a respite!

Help anyone?

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