When Bollywood Stars Mouthed Ranveer Singh’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ Dialogue In Dubsmashes


Previously, we showcased fun Dubsmashes of ‘Manma Emotion’ songs and now there’s wave of Bajirao Mastani Dubsmashes too.

As we know, Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale both will be releasing on the same date and both of them are following same strategy of Dubsmashes.

Ranveer Singh, is like a King of Dubsmashes, his social media is filled with several entertatining Dubsmashes. And now he has smartly roped in many stars to mouth the signature dialogue of the movie i.e. Bajirao ne Mastani se Mohabbat Ki Hai Aiyashi Nai.

These Dubsmashes became a super hit and became viral. This marketing tactic is one of the simplest and cheapest form that nowadays many film makers are resorting to

Have a look at some of the funny and interesting Dubsmashes by Bollywood celebs and personalities:

As Ranveer shares the screen space with Ritiesh Deshmukh suddenly Akshay pops in to complete the Dubsmash. Have a look, surely it is worth a watch

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