Born To Be Free: Why Living Independent Is A Kickass Idea!

Living Independent

Living Independent – “Living alone” is a concept that is not synonymous to Indians, for even today in many parts of the country joint family is a common norm.

Bachelors, who prefer living without their family members, often find themselves at the end of nit-picks coming from elders.

Nevertheless, some of them do not give a squat about the society or what people talk about them and eventually go on with their decision to live alone. They are acquainted with the perks that come along with it.

Let us walk through a few of those benefits of Living Independent –

Living Independent –

When you live alone, you are answerable to no one for your actions. You can wake up late in the morning, or afternoon, and you will not have anyone complaining about the same.


You can invite your friends whenever you want. Feel like late night drinking on a Wednesday? “Sure, why not. Just have to make a couple of calls.”


Not sharing room with anyone else is another advantage. No one annoys you and you have your own space – massive – that you can use to your own benefit.


If you like talking to yourself, go ahead. Since you won’t be having family members or roommates around, nobody would advise you to seek assistance of a therapist.


Coming to embarrassing stuff that people would object when they were around you. Now, you can take a dump with the door open.


…or pick your nose for as long as you want.


If you spill food on the floor, you can eat it off right away. Gross?! Why I don’t think so!


Do you like grooving to Honey Singh songs in secret or Justin Bieber for that matter? Enjoy while you are alone; you do not have anyone around to point fingers and laugh at you.


You can also bring home a girl in the middle of the night without worrying about a roommate or a family member’s presence.


Finally, the best one yet – you can be naked at all times…just like nature wanted it to be.


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