Yes Tiger Got F***ed By Lion And Had A #Liger’¦More Such F***ing Stories Here

Sex Between Lion And Tiger – Mating between different species in animals. Some mind blowing revelations.


Ligers are dated back to the 19th century in India.

The mating between female tigers and male lions produce ligers.

Liger is produced of parents from different species but same genus.

Below is a video of a liger named ‘Hercules’ and his trainer in a theme park at Miami.


Mating between horse and zebra produces zorse.

The zorse is sterile.

Below is a video of hybrid of zebra and horse:

 Sheep and Goat hybrid called a geep or toast in popular media.

Here is an example of a mating video of sheep and goat:


This is a hybrid of Yak and Cow.

Dzo refers to male and the females are called Dzomo. The Dzomos are fertile while Dzos are sterile.

With Dzos we also have the Beefalo – fertile hybrid of generally male domestic cattle and female American Bison.

The example of interspecies hook ups are as follows:

Finally the different possibilities of animals mating with other animals.

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