Advantage And Disadvantage of Sweating To Your Health


Sweating – After an early morning walk or a hard exercise and workouts, your body precipitates and secretes salty water along with the changes in the body temperature.

You may perspire or sweat whenever you do feel an increase in temperature and you are short of breath.

How do you feel if you sweat? Mostly we work hard to reduce the higher intake of calorie shedding off the extra calorie and unwanted stored fat from the body. Normal sweating is an important activity of our body and so you can find our body perspiring through the sweat glands.

Why does human body sweat?


Sweat is necessary to the body in order to maintain the temperature of the body external relative to the internal. No perspiration may arise problem to your body, a sign of any deficiency in the body, not only your body but you also find a change in your mood and mind that can be helpful for yourself.

The sweat is seen along the armpits, face, feet and hands. Though, you have studied the sweat glands that are present in the body at the count of millions. The two types of sweat glands that produce sweat are Eccrine glands and Apocrine glands.

Eccrine glands are responsible to produce no smell sweat or odorless sweat.

Apocrine glands are responsible to produce from the hair pores or follicles such as head and armpits that produces odour and colored sweat.

Let us discuss the advantages of sweat:

•    Removes fat

The sweat as the result of exercises and workout helps in removing the unwanted fat accumulated in the body. The high amount of calorie intake with the shedding of it through the sweating, as fat and water is the composition of sweat. One more advantage is apart from reducing calorie is the changes in mood or mental refreshment.

•    Emotions and stress

Few common reasons for sweating are sometimes while you are too much tensed. Did you ever find yourself sweating out of anger? Yes in few people you will see they sweat while they hyper in anger.

Embarrassment may also be one reason that you are sweating.

Disadvantage of sweat


•    Hyperhidrosis

Oversecretion  sweat may lead to the hyperhidrosis, in this condition you sweat highly compared normal people from the armpits, scalps or feet. Sometimes excessive secretion can be a reason of few diseases or illness that one should be careful about.

•    Hypohidrosis

No sweat may also be alarming, therefore if you suffer from hypohidrosis then it might be if you will suffer from a dehydrated body. No sweat means no perspiration which requires an adequate amount of water in the body.

Sweating is, therefore, necessary activity and a regular activity that can act as an indicator of a healthy or unhealthy body. This above discussion was to determine the health of the body through the natural sweating processes, apart from it the process medical treatment or medicine can cause to sweating within the human body.

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