These Easy Exercises Will Help Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age

Exercises for sharp mind

Exercises for sharp mind – One needs to do exercises to keep fit, to bolster metabolism, to live long and feel younger.

Besides, a healthy body spruces up your confidence to superlatives. You can wear anything and there is a saying that you can achieve anything when you have dressed for it.

However, in like manner, your brain needs exercising too in order to be more functional and sharp. No wonder, there are brain gyms sprouting like ferns all over the city for children to boost their intelligence. But, your brain is prone to be blunt at any age if you keep it idle.

Hence, you can try out these simple brain exercises for sharp mind that will boost your intelligence and memory power.

Exercises for sharp mind –

1 – Try to use your non-dominant hand:

That is your left hand. Majority of us are right handed and we do everything ranging from writing, picking things up, eating with right hand while the left hand remains idle. But did you know that working your left hand helps the left or idle side of your brain work more?

2 – Try to do some of your daily chores with your eyes closed:

We usually don’t think about the routine things we do before doing them like counting the stairs while we climb down or counting the spoons in the spoon holder. On being asked, you will probably not be able to answer these questions but if you start to do some of your chores with your eyes closed, your brain will remember them in a jiffy.

3 – Try to shuffle your morning activities:

You need to give your brain newness and not stick to the routine all the time. It is like challenging your brain to cope up with new things and new schedules. You can start doing this from shuffling your morning activities like instead of going jogging in the wee hours of the morning, save that for the evening.

4 – Try to look at the objects upside down or backward:

There is a premeditated manner you look at things, eg: looking at the clock. If you have noticed kids from a close, they are pretty curious about things and hence start seeing them upside down to find out new figures and patterns. We suggest you to do the same, that is arranging some family pictures in the table and looking at them from upside down or reading the newspaper backwards.

5 – Pass time by playing with spare coins:

Don’t mind breaking your piggy bank for this. This is as same as the blind people deciphering things with braille. They touch and feel printed things and understand. This is the best method to activate your brain cells by trying to understand the denomination of coins without looking at them .

6 – Read aloud:

This is a superfun thing to do. That aside, this is very beneficial for your brain too. You need to take a few more minutes than usual to finish reading a piece and of course, read aloud which lights up three areas of the brain. You can instead listen to audiobooks which has same effect.

Exercises for sharp mind – Apart from these, you are suggest to engage in some daily mood-lifting activities like travelling, taking care of yourself, of the kids, taking notes from a book. Also, eat walnuts that gives serious nutrition to your brain.

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