5 Vaastu Facts To Consider Before Start Of Work Places

When a new workplace is set up, mainly in an office or any business place there is a need to check on Vaastu. The features satisfying as per Vaastu enables to make a progressive work culture. Even moving through various hurdles or ups and downs, if the auspicious directions and positions are maintained. It enables reduction the of negative vibes and allows the positive forces to circulate the space.
Different people and employees stay around throughout the day. But it is critical to decide the position of the minds. Keeping their minds calm as well as, developing a strong ambiance to focus on work is possible through Vaastu.

Vaastu facts to follow in workplaces

Often there are some problems based on it, and the work or projects faces delays. The delays can be short or long-term. Many unexpected interruptions, force negativity to flow around. It is the reason, that few Vaastu facts should be implemented for a spontaneous workflow.

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The sitting position of employees

When it is a matter of work and the employees, it is the connection that is required. The sitting position of the workers or the working position or direction is essential to consider. East or the northeast direction is the position that increases the focus and reduces the problems or obstructions in the workflow.
There is a free flow of positive energy ensuring progress and growth. It can be a business or entrepreneur, and the sitting position of employees is essential to consider.

Washroom position

Never ignore the direction of the washroom.  As per the Vaastu facts, negative vibes can increase with the wrong positioning of washrooms. The washroom should be northwest or west facing, it allows the flow of positive vibes around.
Energy flows are consistent when the east direction is avoided. Apart from it the northeast direction or corner should not be a place for restrooms or toilets. Placing a water body in the northeast brings prosperity and comfort.

Vaastu facts 4

Finance Department

One of the important departments is the finance department. The space should be in the North-West direction which ensures growth in finance. Developing any kind of obstructions or wall in this position is not considered advantageous.
So, according to the Vaastu shastra, the northwest direction is suitable for monetary or financial work.

Pantry in South East

For a peaceful environment in the office or workplace, placing a pantry in the southeast is beneficial. It elevates positive energy, improves relationships, and ensures a peaceful environment. The fire placement should not be in the north direction as it does not develop active energy.
The painting or coloring of the pantry walls is a part of Vaastu to consider.

Cabin for owners as per Vaastu facts

The priority is the owner’s cabin or room, according to the Vaastu Shastra, it should be placed in the north or east direction. Managers should be placed in the northwest direction.

Proper positioning of the spaces according to the Vaastu facts following architectural rules helps in spreading positive energy. At the same time, it works effectively in growing and strengthening the company’s finance.

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