Basic Rules To Follow While Buying A New Phone And Selling Out The Old!

Always, our old phone looks slow & dingy, and we dive right in to grab the new handset by discarding the old one. However, in the enthusiasm of purchasing a newbie, we tend to miss some basic tips for the procedure.

With new arrivals coming up every month, one always feels tempted to ditch their older phones for a shiny and brand new trendy smartphone.

However, amidst all that excitement, one shouldn’t forget to follow some basic rules before trading in for a newbie. These general tips go a long way in protecting and customizing one’s investment.

Listed below are few things which one should keep in mind while buying a new phone and selling an old handset:   

Things to Remember Before Selling an Old Phone

1).   It would be disheartening if you realized that you wiped off the old phone without taking a backup of those precious vacation pictures! Ensure that you download all the images on the computer before hitting the ‘reset factory settings’ tab. Most of the new-age phones have a system of sending stuff to cloud, but taking a local back up is always advisable.

2).   The best bet for ensuring the safety of your phone contacts is to update them on the cloud service or dropbox, as well as transfer it locally on a PC or laptop. One may also carry out the same procedure for apps, calendar info, notes, and other essential programs.

3).   Finally, keep the packaging box, manual, and other peripherals & accessories handy, as these will fetch a higher price for the device once you approach the phone market. If it’s an older version of iPhone which you want to get rid of, then the best time to discard is right before the announcement of a new model. 

Things to Remember While Buying a New Phone

1).   The moment you lay your hands on the new smartphone, it is imperative to tweak the settings, right from altering those annoying beeps, adjusting volume profiles, selecting a soothing ringtone, to shutting down haptic feedback, checking for updates & app refreshes, and more.

2).   The next important step is to secure the device from untoward incidents such as misplacing, losing, or theft. One should undertake necessary measures to learn how to remotely track the phone, or even lock & wipe it completely in an unfortunate event.

3).   Syncing the phone content with cloud storage ensures safeguarding the digital property and makes it easier to repopulate a new device with all the essential data.

4).   If you aren’t one of those who like keeping the device for a long haul or who don’t wish to wait until the wheels fall off, then its best to prepare for resale right at the moment you buy a new handset. Keep the box and accoutrements in good condition for making a better presentation at the time of sale.

Although the above-mentioned tips are easy & simple, yet most of us tend to miss out on them while upgrading to a new handset. One should remember that putting in a little more forethought and effort will render a great bargain while exchanging devices in the phone market!                                                                        

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