Sonakshi Sinha Is Leaving Bollywood Industry! She Made A New Career Choice!


So you thought that Sonakshi “Shotgun” Sinha can only act well and fetch box office moollah, right?


Sonakashi can do a lot of things that can be her absolute career choices!

One of them is BLACK MAGIC!

Yes, that’s true! And we have a proof!

The notorious Pooja Missra, who became a popular household name after pulling a “spare me” stunt in the Bigg Boss season 5,  has accused the Sinha babe of doing black magic on her. Missra has formally made a statement on her Facebook profile claiming that her healer revealed that Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha and her family have allegedly done some kind of black magic on her.

Pooja even abuses the Dabangg actress using cuss words and also states that she has brainwashed her healer, which is why he now says that Salman Khan is the culprit. According to the video jockey, Sonakshi always puts her blame on Salman for no reasons.

Her FB post reads, “ Saali sonakshi Salman Salman karti hai… and when ever she is caught she blames it on him! For example when my healer from Indore told me its her and her family that has done black magic on me…. the next time I called him he said no its Salman…. thanks to sonakshi’s brain washing…. when I have met the man only twice while shooting big boss 5 how can he be a part of all this nonsence… Bitch u are found out!! Now go and die!”

We wonder why on the earth would Sonakshi Sinha target a lady who finds joy in creating controversies.

Maybe she is reinvesting her interests in alternate career choices, lest her film career starts to see the dusk! Or maybe, she is looking for some side income, by helping troubled people find their solutions through black magic? The lass sure needs some extra stash to save for rainy days!

BLACK MAGIC, for sure is a good career choice!

As far as Pooja Misra is concerned, we think that this poor girl is being unnecessarily harassed as she is already a patient of Schizophrenia! She imagines things! And that is a lot to deal with already! Why give her more! “Spare Her” Sonakshi!!!

For those who think the writer of the story is out of mind, wins a scoop of their favourite ice-cream!

And those who think the story is true, and Sonakshi is actually shifting career, please “SPARE US”

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