When ‘˜mute’ PM lost his cool in parliament

Manmohan Singh gets into the combat mode on being called ‘a thief’ by the opposition in the upper house of the parliament

Watching Prime Minister Manmohan Singh speak in the parliament is a sheer pleasure. Not only for the reason that his robotic voice and manner appeals mummies to rise from the dead, also because he makes extremely disappointing statements which can possibly send you to the planet of pessimism.

But watching him go all emotional like a kid on being called “chor” by the opposition, was worth a million rupee fall.

The stage was the upper house of the parliament, where Singh spoke with great pain and diligence of a school boy. He was perhaps hooted in the parliament canteen by the opposition during lunch for he had shunned his economist avatar.

While reiterating in his speech to the Madam Speaker that the fundamentals of Indian economy were very strong, Singh forgot to mention the failures of his government resulting in the weakening of these fundamentals. The rampant corruption that has marred every sub-system of the administration in this country has been one of the many reasons for the public to lose trust in him.

The recent fall of Rupee and Sensex is a valid proof that there is no faith in his government.

And how can we trust a puppet, who has not been able to take a definite stance in the nine years of his rule?

When India recorded growth during 2007-09, whole world was under the wave of recession. Prime minister with his band was quick in spreading the word that we were so detached from the world economy, and that the growth was “our” growth story. But today, he illuminated us with the thought that the fall of the rupee, and the crumbling of Sensex, is a sordid tale of foreign factors.

Mr Prime Minister, is Mr Subbarao lying when he says that the government failed to save rupee? That the government did not take necessary measures to save the economy? Or are you saying that the government created such fine financial institutions which turned the economic dynamics and the situation worsened?

While he lambasted the opposition of disrupting the parliamentary proceedings over missing coal files saying that he is not a “custodian” of coal files, he again forgot to mention that he was the beholder of the office when all the mess happened. And we need to ask him what does he actually know about his government? He never knew about the 2G scam. He was very much unaware of the mining scam. He was also busy devising vote bank policies for the people of this country which sent the economy on the downslide.

Mind you Mr Prime Minister, the core work of opposition is to oppose the discriminatory and harming policies of the government to keep it in check. It has a right to demand answers from you on the wrong-doings and mis-happenings during your government.

Crores of rupees have gone into scams, which your government executed. And everything happened under your watch even if you deny. If you are so heckled by the opposition calling you a ‘chor’, then you must order speedy trials in the scam cases. Punish those who are involved. Ask them to resign who even have slightest attachment to these scams.

There is nothing called ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’ reform. So, kindly restore the trust of investors by putting pragmatic policies in financial sector.

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