5 Myths About Pubic Hair That You Must Not Believe

myths about pubic hair

Myths about pubic hair – Pubic hair create a lot of fuss for the women.

I don’t know why but some women think it’s a really big deal and try to treat it like some sort of disorder.

Come on, everyone in this world has pubic hair and you really need to get over it. The worst part is that some people have created so many myths around pubic hair that we have started believing them to be true.

Why? Well, it’s high time for us to debunk those myths and if you have been knowing this 5 myths about pubic hair you should not believe in them because they are not true.

1. It protects against STDs

Really? It’s so funny to know that some people really believe that pubic hair protects you against STDs. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because pubic hair breed bacteria. The researchers have not completely proved if that bacteria in pubic hair is harmful or not but it surely doesn’t protect you from STDs.

2. It makes sex less enjoyable

This really depends on woman to woman. There is no scientific explanation if pubic hair make sex less enjoyable or not. Yet some women think that pubic hair cause less friction between the sheets but some think that it is much smoother without hair. It’s totally up to you but don’t take it as something universal.

3. It’s a turn on

It totally depends on your partner. But yes, there are pheromones present in pubic hair that might lead to a turn on for few men. One thing is for sure that if you don’t groom your pubic hair, there will be more of an odor and that could be a turn off sometimes.

4. Pubic hair never stop growing

This is yet again a huge myth. As per the researchers, pubic hair stop growing after reaching a certain point. Then it stays like that and shed after few days automatically to make place for new ones to grow.

5. Women with sensitive skin shouldn’t shave pubic hair

If you have a sensitive skin, then you surely can shave down their but with a different approach. Don’t shave aggressively, use a soothing shaving cream and clean the area properly before starting.

These are the myths about pubic hair. So, I hope you cleared some of your myths about pubic hair with this. Well, let them be how they are because they are nothing more than just another hair on your body.

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