Drink As Much Alcohol As You Want Without Any Hangover

Live it up

Every time I go to a party, I pray next morning hoping that the word hangover didn’t exist.

Isn’t it unfair that after having a blast whole night, you have to suffer those annoying symptoms of hangover in the next morning.

I am sure you know a lot of tricks to cure that hangover but what if it didn’t exist at all?

Yes, it’s possible and all you have to do to save yourself from hangover every night you party is take a pill. I know it sounds impossible but that actually is the truth and you’ve got to handover the credit to the creator of this amazing pill called “LivItUp”.

The Creator

Mr. Arjun Vaidya followed the legacy of Ayurveda of his family that exists from more than a century but he decided to do something innovative and appealing for the youth. On being asked about the idea behind this amazing pill, he said “The youth of our country is not well versed with the concept of Ayurveda. If we ask a 50 year old man, he will know about the herbs and their benefits. On the other hand, a 25 year old guy won’t have any idea because he is too caught up in technologies and allopath. So, when I decided to do something in Ayurveda after coming back to India after completing my studies, I felt the need to innovate something that appeals the youth. And what’s better than a capsule that saves you from hangover no matter what.”

On being asked about the difficulties that he faced while marketing LivItUp, he said “the only issue was to inform the youth and convince them towards Ayurveda. Once they are convinced about the wonders of Ayurveda, they won’t mind trying out a product.”

The result

Dr. Arjun created this pill with the aim of providing youth with some relief over that sick hangover that makes us feel like never drinking again. Well, he certainly succeeded in his motive because as soon as the product came in the market, youth went bonkers. The concept of LivItUp is simple, you just have to take 2 capsules of LivItUp half an hour before you start drinking and then stay carefree. It doesn’t matter what you drink and how you drink, you will not regret it next morning.

A lot of people are trying it consistently and they couldn’t be happier about this wonder called LivItUp.

What else do we want, huh?

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