These are the 7 Biggest Snakes Of The World

There are two kinds of people who nurture two different perceptions about reptiles. While the one lot considers them to be exceptionally beautiful, the other lot find them absolutely creepy. Either way, the legless creatures with strange overlapping all over the body, induce our curiosity because they are downright strange. If you are afraid yet smitten by the snakes, here are the 7 biggest ones ever found in the world that you need to know about:

We have come across this awesome video by Mind Blogger which is made upon a survey concerning the snakes.

33 feet Anaconda:

At a construction site in Brazil, construction workers spotted this giant Anaconda which weighed about 400 kilograms that was left homeless after an explosion rocked the city. Later, when the video was uploaded in YouTube, the construction workers faced a lot of flak for killing it.

Brazil River Anaconda:

A trail of fishermen pulled the Anaconda out of the river and the video was released in YouTube. The snake was found swimming around a boat in a spine-chilling video. The fishermen, who pulled the snake by the tail thereby violating its free-movement was later accused and reprimanded by the court for chasing the wildlife without license.

The Nabau:

Nabau is an 100 feet long snake with a Dragon’s head and nostrils. The people who live along the Baleh river where Nabau is found, believe it to be a jinxed creature. A rescue team helicopter once captured the photo of this creature swimming along the river which later sparked debates whether or not the picture is real. Locals believe that an ancient sea serpent has transformed itself into this snake.


This 25.2 feet long snake was found in Kansas City, Missouri. This reticulated Python was the longest snake in captivity so far. It was fed with rabbits, hogs and deer by its captivator for weeks.

The Python caught in Malaysia:

In Penang island, a huge Python was caught n a construction site in April, 2016. 8 meter in length and 250 kg in weight, it was understood to be heavier than Medusa. Unfortunately, the snake diet days after being captured.

Eunectes Murinus:

This green Anaconda is the member of ‘Boa’ family which is the second largest and heaviest snakes of the world. The name is derived from Latin which means a ‘good swimmer’.


After the blanket extinction of the Dinosaurs 60 million years ago, scientists believed that a gigantic snake ruled the world. The breathtaking discovery of Titanaboa was made by a team of scientists in a Columbian coal mine. They found intriguing leads into the life of Titanaboa in the Columbian rainforest. They lived and hunted there only to face extinction later. However, a life-size replica of Titanaboa was displayed at the National Museum of Natural History later to give the onlookers a visual impression of the startling snake.

Giant Snake Photo:

This snake was found in Congo by a High ranking fighter pilot and Squadron leader on his way back to base in his Helicopter. He discovered a massive snake whirling around in the ground. He instructed his crew to circle around and take some photos. The snake defiantly tried to attack the helicopter but the crew managed to escape. When the pictures were later sent to CIA headquarters, they figured that the snake was 100 feet long.

Follow this amazing video to know about these snakes more:




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