These Funny Pics Are Proof How Innovative We Are with The Mobile Phones!

Funny pictures of mobile

Funny pictures of mobile – Mobile Mobile what do you say?

I say “Make my way, I am here to stay!!”

Well, this is what every mobile phone in each and every pocket seems to be saying these days. Anyone and everyone is carrying a mobile, and to top it, the mad-race of flaunting the latest one doesn’t seem to get over. Where are we heading with this whole MOBILE MANIA, God knows, but here is something we cooked up for you to add a little spice in a busy monotonous day, funny pictures of mobile. When these naughty li’l gadgets are already an inseparable part of our lives, why not make them a droll one.

Funny pictures of mobile –

Let’s spruce it up guys!

1 – The Very First Generation of Mobile Phones. Not too bad huh.. !!


2 – When someone predicted the future of mobile phones! Wishful thinking that is!!


3 – A cell-phone redefined! Quite Innovative!!


4 – Everyday new brand, new style, new size? Big to small to big again?? That’s too much of confusion there!!



5 – What else could one do with the hoard of obsolete mobiles lying in the drawers? Fry them! Eat Them!!


6 – Priced possessions they are! Need TIGHT security!!


7 – “Hey Dude, I am gonna be outta here tomorrow, How about hangin out?” Mobile mania starts from within! Un-borns resorting to it!


8 – Why should your pets be deprived of a mobile phone when even your Bai has one!


9 – Mobiles help make love grow. Jaan, jaanu, and what not!!


10 – Handling multiple mobiles (read girlfriends) all together, is an ART! Not everyone possesses that magic!


11 – But when wife talks too much, you definitely need a HANDS-FREE


12 – Well who says mobile sits in a pocket? You can sit in one too!!


13 – With enormously growing business, mobile manufacturers could expand the consumer base with choice of alternative products!



Mobile Destruction at its best!

14 –Replacing a gun? Killing with a mobile? “Quite possible” They have already gone too far to the point of destruction!


15 – Suicide Mobiler? “Ab yahi dekhna reh gaya tha bas!!”


16 – Current day scenario! Achche din aa gaye kya?


17 – If only we go back to STONE AGE! Mobiles could still be USED GOOD!!


These are funny pictures of mobile – Ohhh good lord, too much of mobiles for a day, someone please get me my phone, need to order a pizza!!

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