How to overcome writer’s block

We have drummed up a list of things to do when suffering from writer’s block. Read on!

Every writer worth her ink has suffered from this phase. Writer’s block is common among budding writers, professionals and even seasoned writers. We give you some tips to fight this problem. Read on:

Take a walk:
When you’re unable to think of anything to write, go and take a long walk. It will clear your head and shift your focus towards something else. When you don’t constantly think of what to write, how to write…you would be able to write better. Walking will also reduce your stress levels.

Read your favorite book:
When you’re down and out, the best way to get back into the game is by reading your favorite book. Even reading a couple of pages is enough to pep you up! You could also read your favorite author or a poem or even a blog on interesting topics. Anything to distract ourself is fine.

Cook a lavish spread:
Yes! This actually works. Cooking a lavish spread can actually act as an excellent distraction. It will make you focus all your energies into one thing, that’s cooking… Ultimately, helping you regain control over your words. Cooking is pretty similar to writing and it can definitely boost your morale. If nothing else, you’ll feel good about yourself that you have managed to cook a good spread!

Switch off mode:
It’s better to switch off from the word and stay in your bubble to fight this demon. Don’t give into temptations and start writing as soon as you feel a little okay. It will throw you into an abyss for sure. Keep calm, stay aloof and you’ll be back in action in no time! And whatever you do, don’t fret about not being able to write. It’s just phase, which too shall pass!

The glass-of-water technique:
Okay, this might sound a little crazy, but some writers swear by this technique. Before going to bed, fill a glass of water, look into it and say something like, ‘I am going to write from tomorrow’! And drink half a glass of water and leave the rest on your nightstand. When you wake up in the morning, finish the remaining glass of water and start writing. May be it’s to do with psychology or the fact that you wish the water to hold some magic potion in it.

This was our take on this problem. What’s yours? Do you have any particluar idea on how to overcome writer’s block? Do let us know…

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