Story Of Security Guard To HR Professional, A Determination

Adeep, a struggler from poverty-stricken family has and made his journey from a security guard to a work as an HR in Razorpay. To earn his living he joined as a security guard in the company but progressively was able to see himself working with the HR team. It was all about his experience over the years that made him possible to overcome extravagantly and acquire the position.

Lack of education did not restrict him from approaching the goal of having a better job. The aspiration of creating opportunities is one of the reasons to give him the path toward success.

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Journey of security guard to HR professional

Born in the village in Karnataka, Bidar, Adeep belongs to a poor and struggling family. There were limited opportunities for people if they do not have the support of finance and education. Nothing is different when it comes to Adeep, he was deprived of having a platform to educate himself. Nor, had any scope to earn for himself and his family.

The beginning to extend his limit towards a better life started after he left his village in Bengaluru. It is then, that he joined as a security guard in Razor pay. No job is less or undervalued, his ambitious life journey speaks to all. After completing his 10th, it was difficult to continue with his studies. In the present time when education is the priority and assumed to be the path towards providing opportunities for a successful careers.

But the determination and aim to improvise, learn and extend the eagerness to work beyond their limits or responsibilities has given them the scope to gain experience. Not only to stay bound to the job or duty but open to new challenges, being hesitant-free from inabilities. Accepting the hurdles and faults, improvising, and moving ahead have expertise in his field.

Employed and the point of life turning

Being an HR professional was after a dedication of more than 5 years. Adeep joined Razorpay in 2016, while working at the same company, and learning the skills over years changed his life. The turning point was after he was selected by his company to join the HR team. It was all hidden in his commitment and passion for the job.

The security guards’ job and the profession of HR have diversified genres. The experiences have enabled him to cover the journey with his utmost interest in learning and exploring. Apart from it, his performance towards managing his job and at the same time gladly accepting new assignments was not an easy task.

Observing his dedication towards his work and company, it was the team who supported providing, Adeep with a suitable position.

Despite of being the 10th pass, he works as a technical person supporting the company as an HR professional. Extending his boundaries and achieving the goals with dedication was all the Security guard, had as determination. The best part, as a company worker, he has got the platform to improvise, towards the sky is the limit. On another hand, the company can find a dedicated employee with potential to support them through the ups and downs.

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