How to deal with rude people!

How do we tolerate rude people without committing first degree murder? Here’s how you can deal with them…read on:

We all have that one friend who is so rude and overbearing that we feel like slapping the hell out of them. But we don’t, as he/she is our friend. But how do we tolerate such people without committing first degree murder? Here’s how you can deal with rude people…read on:

Set them straight:
Rude people pick on those who don’t say anything in return and are happy playing second fiddle to everything and everyone. Nobody has to right to make you feel little, so give it back to them in your own way. Set it straight right from the beginning that their rude behaviour will not cut with you and they have got to stop insulting you in public. Most rude folks back off when they realize their opponents are quite strong.

Emotional blackmailing:
When your friend treats you like crap, it’s time to pull the cheapest, yet most effective trick in the world, emotional blackmailing. Tell them that if their rudeness and anger continue, you’ll simply stop talking to them. You have to make it very clear to your rude pal that you’re one of a kind and nobody can mess with you and get away with it. If he/she values your friendship, he/she will treat you better and if he/she doesn’t…well, it was never worth being friends with him/her in any case.

Silent treatment:
Nagging wives use this trick the best, but you can incorporate this in your scheme of things as well. Keep calm and let your silence do the rest. You have no other option but to treat them this way. It’s high they understood how it feels to be humiliated. Remember, this trick can backfire so be prepared to handle every possible outcome.

Be equally rude:
Oh, yes. The tit for tat funda woks really well with these guys, so bring out the worst in you while dealing with them. Let them get a taste of their own medicine and hopefully, they’ll behave well with you from the next time onwards.

Let them be: There’s only so much you can do, right? If you can’t handle them, just let them be. They will come around with time. If they don’t, it’s okay…rude people are not much of a treasure in any case. If all else fails, give up on them and move on. Life is too short to be ruined by such characters. Isn’t it?


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