Why It’s Tough Yet Enjoyable To Be A Girl

to be a girl

Daughters grow up really quickly, they say.

It seemed just like yesterday when she was sleeping in her pram, and now, she spends sleepless nights due to her period pain.

Being a girl isn’t easy.

Yet it’s a beautiful journey right from the cradle baby to the college charmer. She undergoes many physical changes at puberty with which comes a mental transformation. Her life changes post marriage. In most cases, she’s the one who has to make compromises. In some rural as well as urban areas, she’s still treated as a second-class citizen and considered a liability. But in some families, she’s pampered like an angel.

Let’s explore the reasons why it’s tough yet enjoyable to be a girl –

It’s enjoyable To Be A Girl – 

1) The Birth Drama

People celebrate when a girl child is born, yet they have a tendency to rejoice more when it’s a boy. Again, it’s a woman who is pressurized to continue giving birth till a male child comes to this world. But to see the bright and sunny side of things, everyone says Goddess Lakshmi has entered the family and such a family is truly lucky and blessed. She’s a bundle of joy who later grows up and goes on to take care of her family.

2) The Safety Factor

Now, how safe is she? Once she grows up a little, she may fall prey to some lusty and perverted eyes. In fact, once she gets her period, mothers should be extremely cautious. Sometimes, relatives and family friends can prove to be more harmful and predatory than one can think. However, if one speaks of the laws, after the Nirbhaya gang-rape case, laws for women and punishment of the rapists have been strengthened.

3) Expectations are High

Every year in the board exams, it’s expected and has become a trend – Girls score more than boys. They’re touted as more sincere, committed and dedicated towards their studies. No doubt, the expectations from these hardworking girls shoot high up. Girls are also more organized and meticulous. Feel blessed to be a girl, don’t you?

4) Workplace Dominance

Gone are the days when marrying her off was the only option. She has learnt to be qualified, get a job and make her presence felt at the workplace. Many men have female bosses. But sometimes, women become victims of chauvinism, male jealousy and politics, and also sexual harassment. Some male colleagues think she’s cheaply available, especially if she’s not married or doesn’t have a boyfriend. Nevertheless, it’s upto her how she deals with such challenging situations.

5) Miss Sensitive

Girls are brought up with such softness and gentleness in most cases that they’re sensitive; sometimes, oversensitive about things. When a relationship, especially a live-in relation, which is convenient yet uncertain, is over and the guy walks out and moves on, the girl is so emotional that she finds it difficult to forget the relationship and hence, suffers tremendously. But at the same time, she’s mentally stronger than guys. Perhaps that’s why God gives them more pain to bear, be it during breakups or childbirth. It’s so wonderful that she can bring a whole new life to this world.

6) Maturity and Creativity Personified

A girl attains maturity at a much earlier age than guys. Hence, she can deal with tough and challenging situations in a much better way. Problems are there, but they’re ready with the solutions or strong and smart enough to work them out. Moreover, they’re more artistic, depth-filled and creative than guys. The creative neurons in their brains are far more active. See, isn’t it fun to be a girl?

A boy may divide a household into two, but a girl always brings two homes together. If he’s a blue-eyed boy, she’s the apple of the eye. Her life may be more of a roller-coaster ride with far more ups and downs, but it’s definitely a ride worth taking and enjoying too. Also, it’s much easier to raise a girl than a boy as guys have far more chances of getting spoilt due to strong peer pressure. Besides, when a mother glows incessantly during pregnancy, everyone predicts that she’s going to have a daughter. That’s the magic and beauty of a girl child.

Life may spread a trail of thorns for her to walk on, but she will always find her path of roses with her will power and determination. WAY TO GO, GAL – It’s really enjoyable to be a girl.

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