7 Reasons Why You Keep Thinking That Your Relationship SUCKS!

Reasons Why Your Relationship Sucks

“Reasons Why Your Relationship Sucks”

Being in a relationship is like a fight that you’re fighting all-day. You know, to make everything seem perfect, happy and without any problems etc etc. No matter what, there is always one person in the relationship who puts extra effort to make things simpler. Well frankly, sometimes it’s you and sometimes it’s your partner. But at one point of time, things take a U-turn and then you start thinking why the hell my relationship sucks so much.

I’m going to be frank about this one- When you start thinking that your relationship is sucking, sometimes it’s not really the love that sucks, but it’s YOU.

Or simply cause’ you’re living with an asshole.

With no offence, there are two sides and these reasons why your relationship sucks will make it clearer.

  1. Your partner is not putting an effort anymore

Now like I said, your relation might be sucking cause’ you’re living with an A-hole. I understand, things change and sometimes they change miserably. Like, earlier your partner used to put effort into making things work and now he/she is acting like it’ll get fix automatically.

Now this simple thing i.e. effort- Either your partner is over you or you’re just over-thinking and need perfection. Get that right!

  1. You’re welcoming comparison

Honestly, there are many who compare their relationship with their friends. I mean literally, I don’t know about you but there are many people who think that their partner should do things better than their best friends partner.

So, this thinking change views on things and it can make you think that your relationship is fading. But it’s NOT.

  1. Things changed and you’re not liking it

Earlier you were dating but this time you decided to move together. First few days were good but now you’re thinking that your partner is so different than he earlier was. Well, understand one thing that things change and that’s how you need to accept it.

And if you seriously can’t take it- You always have an option- Just LEAVE.

  1. High on expectations

I don’t think keeping expectations turns out to be good. Infact it totally ruins the relationship. When you start expecting things from your partner and they fail to do it your way- you start thinking that “it is not working” and the “relationship is so boring” etc.

  1. You find yourself trapped into stupid things

If your partner is a jerk and he’s getting you involved into shitty things then this might be too-hard and pathetic to deal with. You know that you just don’t deserve the stupid things and it is upsetting you. Well then, you know what, you need to break up and let it go.

  1. Your partner is controlling your life

When you’ve given your remote control in your partner’s hand, then things are more likely to go wrong. You need to do the thing that you like {doesn’t matter if your partner is in there with you or not} If your partner is controlling you, then obviously your relationship is going to suck.

  1. You’re needy

Alright, this thing can also happen- We all know when we are acting too needy about something. In a relationship, you might be that one person who is needy and someone who wants everything in perfection etc.

Well then, let me tell you that if this is how you are in real then yes, YOU SUCK and thinking that your relationship is sucking is just an excuse.

These were the main reasons why your relationship sucks. Any thoughts? Comment below.

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