These Pictures Of Cats In Hats Made From Their Own Hair Is Something You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Cats In Hats

Cats in hats!!

And, you know what’s more interesting? They are wearing the hats made from their own hair. Isn’t that great? Wait, are you wondering, how’s that even possible? Let me tell you, A Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki is the ONE who makes hats from the hair his cats shed.

Yes, that’s his creative work.

Take a look at this adorable snap and fall in love with his work and (Obviously) the cats: –

Cats In Hats

He owns three cats and these 3 Scottish fold cats are Nyaa 8 year old (Tabby), Wheat 1 year old (Brown Tiger), and Mar 6 year old (White).

Look at the 3 of ‘em and oh, don’t miss out their cute hats. (Wink!)

Cats In Hats

Also, take a look a closer look at the hats made from their own hair: –

Cats In Hats

And, here are the pictures you’re waiting for: – Cats In Hats!!

#1- Now that’s a perfect pose!!

Cats In Hats

#2- Awwww! Look at that long wide hat

Cats In Hats

#3- White never looked so good (Wink!)

Cats in Hats

#4- Tall-hat suits him. Don’t you agree with me? I’ll guess you do. 🙂

Cats In Hats

#5- WOW! That’s a cool hair-style

Cats In Hats

#6- Awwww! Sleepy head wearing a hat. (So cute)           

Cats In Hats

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