Complete Science Of Zodiac Signs! Here Are The Absolute Facts!


People often ask us, or we ask some, “What is your Zodiac Sign?”

What exactly is the logic or the reasoning behind enquiring the zodiacs of people?

Whenever we come across like-minded people and talk for hours, the conversation has this seemingly imminent question.

We feel happy when someone’s zodiac matches ours and somehow our conscience tells us that this person is better suited for us than others. We have been made to believe that our zodiac sign is predestined and our birthdate decides what zodiac sign we get assigned.

Zodiacs are, undeniably, believed to control a person’s characteristics, behaviour and way of life.

Let us try and understand the logical Science Of Zodiac Signs and that what purpose they fulfill actually.

What Is The Purpose

What really does the zodiac try to elucidate? What is its purpose and why does it matter so much to so many people? Scientists believe it is the alignment of the stars and zodiac constellations with the Sun and the Moon that alters our behaviour in each stage of life.

Does it work?

Well, this is a debatable topic, most people believe it does and clearly states out the possible future, especially the perils that lie ahead and how they can be averted. Most people believe that the zodiac characteristics exceedingly match their personalities and they ardently follow the horoscope to adhere to directions given there to have a good life. However, smarter people know that this is generalist in nature and how different can most humans be? It’s just that some people behave differently in certain situations than expected, simple!

The Ground Reality

Most people relate to past happenings in their life when they try establishing a connection between what’s written and what happened. This is purely dependent on human nature and not something that the stars foretell.  The factor of ‘co-incidence’ plays a huge part in the horoscope part, yes, you co-incidentally happen to do things; there are over 6 billion people in the world, what is written in the horoscope is bound to match a few people’s current lives!

Conniving humans developed many methods to lure each other into believing in supreme powers beyond our understanding. They made crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards and fortune cookies to try and fool us into believing that we have been able to connect with the supreme forces of nature and they will give us an insight into our future. Take an example of Nostradamus, the famous fortune-teller who wrote prophecies on jail walls. Some of his prophecies matched the 9\11 bombing of the World Trade Centre in the US and BAM! The world went into a rapture; they scoured all his books to look for more clues of an aftermath or untoward happenings he may have foretold.

The Fascination To Zodiac Science

The reason the Zodiac holds such fascination and supremacy in our minds and the society around us is that it helps taps into subconscious levels that are found within the conscience of any other member of the human race who have had certain common experiences we happen to mutually share. Modern fascination with divine astrology and the daily horoscope is merely over-rated and money driven. Most horoscopes are general statements. If you closely look at the description of other signs, you will notice some similar trait in them too. Some of the signs will describe you better compared to your own. A lot of people believed that the Earth was flat, it turned out to be nonsense; similarly, astrology and horoscope do have a divine meaning and significance but they certainly don’t control everyday life.

We are a discerning generation, we aren’t easily fooled by mumbo-jumbo, right?

We should base our beliefs and ideologies based on fact and its relevance in the real world. Simply putting ourselves in misery over what happens next is foolish and baseless.

Life is meant to be lived with no fear; with happiness and dignity. Following a horoscope and believing in the stars’ position, the tidal waves and Mayan prophecies etc. only wastes precious time.

Be wise and focus your life on the betterment of society by giving and sharing and not contemplating what your next move of the day would be!

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