India Today: Politics in Our Blood

With the amount of politics being thrown in our eyes, day in, day out, it isn’t a surprise that we look at the a political angle to everything said to us, even if it is not meant to have one. Here are some funny consequences:

With the amount of ‘ªPolitics being thrown all around us, there is no doubt that everyone in ‎India is getting involved in it in some sort of a way.

A few years back most of the people who wouldn’t have taken any interest in the regional or national politics, other than perhaps remembering the names of the top politicians are now able to spout out entire history of some of the most obscure politics.

The consciousness has come to such a level that now we have to remind people that …..

When someone tells you to set your alarm clock to wake up …… It does not mean “Wake up and vote ‘ªNCP”

When someone tells you, “Talk to my hand” …… it does not mean you get a direct hotline to talk to ‘ª‎Rahul Gandhi of ‘ªCongress.

When someone tells you, “Rail Engine has derailed near Igatpuri Junction”, you do not directly associate it with the Failure of ‘ªMNS in the Nasik MC.

When someone tells you, “Smell the fresh lotus” you do not immediately respond by saying “Har Har ‘ªModi” or look for the new ‘ª‎BJP campaign.

When someone tells you that he saw an elephant on the streets of Mumbai, you don’t check the papers to see if ‘ªMayawati of the ‘ªSP is in town.

When your Bai asks you for a new broom, you don’t immediately look at her in suspicion as if she is an inside informant for another sting operation of the ‘ªAAP.

When you see a poster of “Save The Tiger” campaign, you do not confuse it with it being a promotional campaign for ‘ªShiv Sena.

Sometimes, something actually means what they are supposed to mean.

But what to do, the political propaganda is such, these days, that everyone is breathing politics.

Why just yesterday my Son came back and told me that his friend got a Mayawati in his maths test, it was only after a few minutes that he was referring to her LS score and that it meant a DUCK!

Disclaimer: Now don’t about trying to look for political hidden references in this post. It’s supposed to mean what it is supposed to mean I am responsible for what I write, not for what you think about what I write

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