What Angers You The Most As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Things that anger you

Things that anger you – Some people are seldom angry and some are volcanos on a rolling boil. It depends on how much patience you have to deal with an adverse situation without letting your peace of mind dwindle.

The most savage thing about being angry is that, you take jibes on people and regret it later. There is a saying that don’t make promises when you are happy and don’t take decisions when you are angry, because anger always is a trigger for wrong decisions. If you too become too cocky and nasty sight when angry, then perhaps your zodiac sign has a key role to play behind it. Born under different zodiac signs, every person has attitudinal differences from the other.

Anger, in that case is pretty human but the measure differs from person to person. Then again, we have different reasons that pique us the most. Read on to know the reasons behind people from different zodiac signs being angry:

Things that anger you according to your zodiac

Things that anger you


Aries people are easily angered and you have to deal with their flare-ups. What really turns them off is stroking their bloated ego. They like to be appreciated, not criticised.


Any sort of uncertainty would make a Taurus angry. Seeing a Taurus angry is not a pleasurable sight to behold so you should leave them be until they calm down.


Gemini is the most impatient sign of the zodiac calendar and they are in constant fear to be ignored. So, supposedly if you forget their birthday, they will never forgive you.


They are most emotional of all signs. They defy reason when they get attached to their loved ones. Similarly, they want to be loved in return. When they feel they are not receiving enough support and love, you have to deal with their wrath.


Don’t injure the pride of this quickly angered sign, you are so dead then.


Virgo’s are worst at dealing with anger. They can be angered at imperfections and when angry, outburst is guaranteed.


Libra are seldom angry but they hate instability and dishonesty. These two things leave the Librans fuming.


Mean-spirited Scorpios usually lash out when angry. They won’t think twice before saying harshest of words and regret it later. Trying to manipulate them and lying to them leaves them angry. A scorpio already knows by their intuition that you are lying, so you better not.


They are the calmest of the lot but dishonesty leaves them angry and anger leads them to depression.


When you avoid their feelings they will be angry and distant themselves from you.


They are full with negative emotions and if you give a fodder to their doubtful mind, they will be angry and investigative.

These are the things that anger you – These are the reasons why different zodiac signs are angry. But managing is key to healthy life which everyone should practice.

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