These “Right Person, Wrong Timing” Stories Will Make You Believe In The Phrase!

Right Person, Wrong Time Stories

Right Person, Wrong Time Stories – Sometimes, in LIFE, you meet someone “right” at the “wrong” time.

I don’t know IF you really believe in this “right person, wrong timing” phrase, but one thing is clear that you’ll certainly start believing once you read these stories. Trust me; these below mentioned stories will surprise you a lot.

On Reddit, someone asked “what are your right person, wrong time stories?” and many Redditors shared their stories.

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  1. Most recent ex, he was going through a divorce and, shock horror, despite what he initially thought it turns he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. We had a clean break-up, there are no hard feelings on either side since neither of us did anything wrong. It just sucks to think that if I’d met him a year or two later things might have worked out.
  2. One summer between semesters at college I reconnected with a girl I had a crush on in high school. We went on a couple dates and had a good time, but we went to colleges that are 7 hours apart. By next summer she had a serious boyfriend.
  3. She had feelings for me but I was too young and had no idea what I was doing so nothing ever came of it. I then got crazy feelings for her the next year but she was going after someone else. We’re good friends now but couldn’t seem to get the timing right. Now I’m with someone else and am happier than I have been in a while, and I hope she is too.
  4. Never got the right time with her, but that’s OK. We’re living in different states and dating other people, and we’re still really good friends.
  5. My last Ex. Graduated with her Bachelor’s trying to get her career started and I was just barely re-starting community college. We had a lot in common and had good chemistry so we dated. 9 months later she got a temp job in another state. Tried to make long distance work, but she didn’t wanna do it anymore. I don’t hate her, but man moving on has been difficult.
  6. He’d just gotten out of a relationship, we became friends and fell for each other very quickly, but he wasn’t ready to seriously be with anyone and it broke my heart. Sucks. He was honestly the only genuinely kind, loving guy I’ve ever dated and I wish the timing had been different because we had so much in common, but he’s in another LTR now and I’m 25 and have already hit the Wall, so what’s done is done.
  7. The one who got away was a guy I met briefly thru a friend in 2010 then again on OkCupid. Unfortunately we took over a year before meeting up (we were very slow at responding) then in 2012 march, we finally met up and continued meeting up several times until we basically got drunk and hooked up in October. We had several dates and took trips around but then I was moving back home, which is 7000 miles away, in December. He’s from there too so he made a visit but since I couldn’t get a visa to stay in US and he’s still waiting for his green card, it just didn’t work out for us. We tried to do long distance for 5 months but it eventually faded. He visited again in March 2014 and there were still feelings but we have both moved on since. I’m engaged now and he just bought a place with his GF. We still chat every now and then but nothing of substance. He’s probably one of the funniest people i know and one of the people i connect best with. But who knows if it would have worked out anyway.
  8. Long story short, my life is a fucking movie. Turns out the girl of my dreams (like, THE girl) was into me after 6 years of me thinking otherwise, and now that we are Kinda together, she has to ship out for basic training and neither of us wants to do long distance.

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