10 Reasons Why Living In Mumbai Is Awesome!

If you have ever stepped foot on the soils of (arguably) the most happening city in the world, ala Mumbai, you wouldn’t be surprised at the heading. Read on, Mumbaikars, and tell us how many points you can relate to…

If you have ever stepped foot on the soils of (arguably) the most happening city in the world, ala Mumbai, you wouldn’t be surprised at the heading.

There are definitely more than ten reasons to love and admire the city that never sleeps. But in this edition, we are going to cover only the best of the lot. Read on, Mumbaikars, and tell us how many points you can relate to…

Global fusion foods and chats:
Delhi may pride itself over its chat, but it’s Mumbai that has one of the yummiest and most affordable roadside foods in the country. Be it the classic Mumbaiyya Vada Pav or the quintessential breakfast of Mumbaikars, the Misal Pav, or the on-the-go Cutting Chai, the city has plenty to offer. In fact, it’s a melting point of so many cuisines that you’ll find an authentic Vietnamese restaurant or a Mongolian fare right across your house.

The sea:
Let’s face it, we are immensely proud of our sea. Whether it’s our obsession with sea facing joints and locations or a leisurely stroll on the beach (not the dirty beaches, of course), we love to boast about it to anyone who cares to listen. The sea might make the climate sultry through the year, but it’s totally worth it.

The happening night life:
Whether you like to lounge around, dance your asses off on English, Hindi and regional songs or sip on dainty cocktails while looking at the sea, you have options galore when choosing a place to party at. Mumbai’s legendary nightlife is one of the best in the world and you’d never be able to get enough of it. Trust us.

Bollywood and glamour:
If you’re passionate about Bollywood or are star-struck, there’s no other place in the country than Mumbai where all your starry obsessions will get fulfilled. You can spot many celebs dashing in and out of film studios, bumping into you at local fine-dining restaurants or at preview shows, among many other places.

Safer than most cities:
We won’t say that Mumbai is the safest metro. But, yes, it’s safer than most of its counterparts and girls CAN roam about at two in the morning. Even the most crowded train platforms like Kurla, Dadar and Andheri are safe for girls. You won’t be groped or started at or pinched…because nobody really has the time to stop and stare. Everybody is in a mad rush. Always.

Fast and furious:
The city never sleeps, sure. And it never slows down either. Even after ten at night, you can go begin your shopping or goof joint-hunting…beat that! If you want to be a part of this madness, you have to buck up and speed along. Else somebody else will grab the chance and make big bucks.

The transportation:
The city is so well connected that you can live on the outskirts of Mumbai and still have a job in South or Central Mumbai. Be it the local trains, the newly launched metro rail or the ever reliable BEST buses, you’ll never be stranded. Very rarely would a cabbie or a rickshaw wala say ‘no’ on your face.

Ganesh Chaturthi:
No other city in the world celebrates a festival with this much passion, joy, devotion and madness. Ganesh, the lord of Mumbai, unites the city like no other. The ten-day festival lights up the entire city and the atmosphere is a crazed one.

Helpful and humble:
People here are helpful and humble. You’ll never be lost in the city as everybody is willing to help you. No show-offs and no big talks, these guys are simple, humble and hardworking.

The architecture:
South Mumbai will take you back in time with its gorgeous architecture and charmingroads, while the suburbs will remind you of its counterparts the world over. And Navi Mumbai and beyond will offer you the perfect weekend getaway after a mad week.

But the one thing that every Mumbaikar proudly flaunts about the city is its spirit. We can rise after an attack like 26/11 and take a train from the very same station the next day, without a fear in the world.

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