5 Ways To Bargain When Shopping On The Streets Of Mumbai

You may not be a pro if it’s your first, second or third time. But trust me bargaining is just like solving maths. The more you practice, the higher you score.

Which is the one art that is common among all of us? Bargaining. You either know it or you just KNOW it. Now, while other skills might take a few years to develop or developed within you, this is something that comes from experience. And when you have reached the highest level, you are a pro. Friends, relatives and neighbours wouldn’t just be able able to do without you. Don’t believe me? Ask the saamne wali auntiji who bargained with the bhajiwala in the morning.

But then the skill also limits you to which department do you excel in. For example, the saamne wali auntyji can definitely bargain and take bhaji from thirty five bucks a kilo to thirty bucks a kilo, but she may not be able to bargain with the vendors at Colaba causeway or Linking road in Mumbai. Worry not, as we enlighten you on different ways of bargaining on the streets of Mumbai. Read on!

I am always right

Suppose, you caught sight of an apparel which you would buy had you been in a mall. But you know you can have it, because you are in the the centre of a bargain plaza. So what do you do? You don’t simply walk upto the vendor and start talking. You ask him what material is it made up of, what would it cost if it was made of some other material, and finally play your trump card, something like- Itne bhaav ka lene ka thha toh mall mein jaati na (I would have gone to a mall if I had to pay as much).


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