5 Signs That Prove Your Partner Is Emotionally Needy!

Signs Of Emotionally Needy Person

Signs Of Emotionally Needy Person – Well, no doubt that we all are little bit emotionally needy in a relationship.

But, the problem appears when you or say the person you’re dating is very much emotionally needy. You know, it just becomes hard to maintain or survive in a relationship. Being emotionally needy is like making others suffocate till they die. Now, if your partner is an emotionally needy soul, then you’ll easily relate to the suffocation that I’m talking about. There are actually lots of signs that directly indicate whether a person is needy or not.

So, I’ve picked the topmost signs of emotionally needy person. Well, if these signs match your partner’s behavior, then do not break-up directly. Because you can try to help your partner overcome it too.

  1. Your partner always want you to make her feel good about herself

Now, if this is the scenario, then notice whether your partner is relying too much on you to make her feel good about herself. Such people always want others to make them feel good, ‘cause they doubt their intelligence and beauty. You know, it’s like they wait for their romantic partner to tell them that “Yes, you’re gorgeous”.

  1. When your partner always says – “you’ll never leave me, right?”

At one point, we all ask this question. But, an emotionally needy person will always ask you this particular question because they’re afraid that they’ll end up alone. I mean, it might sound like it’s not a big deal, but in reality, it really is.

  1. Your partner keep’s arguing when you make plans with your friends

Now, if this is happening with you then you need to build trust between both of you and talk about it. See, what happens is, when an emotionally needy person argues each and every-time you make plans with others, it turns out to be acting clingy. And, clinginess is not at all healthy for a relationship.

  1. She easily gets jealous of you

Yeah, I know this is annoying. But, do not ignore it, Okay? If your GF is getting jealous for the things you do without her, then there’s certainly a big problem going on. You need to talk and sort it out.

  1. Continuously texting

This act is actually a method to find out what you’re doing all the time. I know, it’s clinginess. In this scenario, your partner actually wants to keep a track on what you’re doing without her, this & that etc.

This was all about the Signs of emotionally needy person. Do you have anything to say? Leave a comment below.

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