5 Mindblowing Reasons To Love Potholes


Potholes – I was seventeen, when, I stepped on the accelerator for the first time.

And my father was my tutor. He had been driving since he was fifteen and expected me to excel like him, in a day. As much as he would want me to escape the pits and bumpers, I would make sure that I did not. Not because I wasn’t obedient or something, but because I wanted to experience the worst kind of driving.

Let’s face it, like anything else even potholes have their own pros and cons. There is not a single person who wouldn’t have experienced the bad side, which is why we are going to take a look at the brighter side. Read on…

Spiritual Connection

You generally tend to chant any of our God’s name, when you realize that you have either landed up in a pit or were saved by an inch, don’t you? Potholes thus, make sure that you stay connected with the Almighty.

Employment Fervour

The higher number of potholes you have, the more you’ll need to repair the roads and the higher will be the employment quotient. No, I am not ignoring the number of accidents that would take place, but then it won’t take them time to go back to their initial state.

Saving Animal Population

Not many of us are okay with a camel or elephant or even a tanga ride, for that matter (I am specifically against it). How do we get the animal ride effect, you ask? Potholes. They help save cruelty towards animals.

All round development

No matter how well do you drive or how much ever experienced you are in driving, these things always succeed to bring out that face of yours, which you wouldn’t want people to see. They check your patience, your presence of mind and your focus, while driving.

Improves digestion

What better way than this, to help your digestive system digest food. You don’t even have to go for a walk. Simply step on the accelerator and leave everything to the potholes.

So you see, potholes aren’t necessarily bad. There are things they are good for as well. After all, you can drive anywhere if you learn to ride smoothly over them, can’t you?


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