If You Have Seen These Places, You Have Seen The Whole Of India

Places to see in India

Places to see in India – When seen from a traveller’s eye, India offers a brilliant blend of mixed cultures found nowhere else in the world. A fusion of exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic and economical tourism, India guarantees to make your travel experience a memory that lasts for a lifetime.

We know that to see the true colours of this country, you’ll need to spend quite sometime knowing about places and the culture there. So we tell you five major places in India, having visited which, you get to know about almost the whole of India. Read on!

Places to see in India –


Located in the northern part of the country, the capital of the largest democracy in the world, Delhi, has a history to boast about. One of the oldest inhabited places in the world, Delhi served as a capital for most of the invaders since the medieval period. The archaeological remains of the city stand as a proof to the rich and ancient importance of the city. The forts, monuments, and other tourist attractions are a major part of this cosmopolitan city in India. A prominent centre of Indian politics today, Delhi was mentioned as paradise in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.


Popularly known as the financial capital of India, Mumbai has all those things to offer you, that you’ve ever dreamt of. Located on the western coast of India, you can never get enough of this city at one go. From glamour, to business, to politics, to education, and to history, this city has been a centre of fashion and business industries, at the same time. The home to world’s famous entertainment industry, Bollywood, Mumbai also gives you a glimpse of both, ‘in rags’ and ‘in riches’ category of people. No wonder this place never sleeps and is popularly known as the “city of dreams.” If you happen to be here in the month of August or September, don’t miss to be a part of their Ganpati festival celebrations.


You’ll never feel more welcomed in India, having visited this city in the east of the Indian subcontinent. A perfect blend of education and culture, Kolkata still has reminiscences of the old India to offer you. You can never get enough of the trams, double decker buses and their culinary speciality Sandesh once you’ve stepped your foot on the pride of Bengal. The first city in India to have introduced the metros, Kolkata boasts of its rich heritage and home to one of the best poets this country has seen- Rabindra Tagore. Victoria memorial, science centre, Nicco Park and old heritage sites are the major tourist attraction of this place. Don’t forget to be a part of the Durga Puja celebrations in this sugary sweet Indian city.


The ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is located in the southern part of the country. Surrounded by hills on all sides, this city boasts of its awesome weather throughout the year and the beautiful sceneries that surround it. The home to a number of public and private sector undertakings, Bangalore’s remarkable contribution to the IT sector has made it the most popular destination among the engineers produced in India. Though there are not many places to visit within the city, you just can’t get enough of nature once you are on the outskirts.

These are the Places to see in India – India’s major cities, in every part of the country gives you a glimpse of what a wonderful nation it is. Places to see in India – So if you’re running low on time, you know where exactly do you have to be to know the true India.

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