India: Truly A Shopper’s Paradise

Different regions in India specialize in a particular industry, based on the skills passed down from generation. We tell you what is a must-buy from north and eastern regions in India…

(Clockwise from top: Pashmina shawls, Tibetan prayer wheels, Terracota from Bankura(WB), Madhubani painting, production of Chanderi silk, Phulkari dupatta) 

They say, India is one of the biggest markets emerging in the retail industry. A perfect place for shopaholics. Different regions in India specialize in a particular industry, based on the skills passed down from generations. We tell you what is a must-buy from northern and eastern regions of India. Take a look…


Famous for its Kaleens (carpets), this place has techiques of production that has been imported by Persia. Also, if you fancy Pashmina shawls, you cannot miss going to the local shops in the valley. A paradise for tourists and shoppers, indeed!


Traditional markets this region, specialize in Phulkari meaning blooming flowers. Phulkari work is associated with the embroidery of bright colored flower designs digitalised into clothing, bed sheets, wall hangings and other home decor.

Madhya Pradesh

If you have a thing for silk, this is one of the places for you. Specializing in Chanderi Silks, this region offers you a variety in hand-woven Chanderi Silk sarees and dress materials. Let me tell you that while you are really glad that you bought that saree, you should also feel happy about the fact that you helped the feminine power prosper; as the production of these materials involve the employment of women in rural areas.


Wood carving industry, is one of the oldest crafts of the state. Folk art paintings like Madhubani paintings have been passed down through generations, by artist families that have settled there. Other than that, silk from Bhagalpur is also famous in all over India.

Himachal Pradesh

To experience the influence of Tibetan community, visit the scenaries of Kullu valley. McLeodganj and Dharmsala have markets full of Tibetan rugs, jewellery, prayer wheels, meditation bowls and music that takes you in a totally different world.

West Bengal

The heritage of handicrafts is legendary in this part of India. Balucheri and Tussar silk sarees from Birbhum, Bankura and Hoogly have emerged as the coice of the new generation. That home decor item you just laid your eyes on, belongs to this place. The handicrafts from West Bengal are marketed by Manjusha, which is a state government owned establishment.

Hope you don’t have to struggle a lot to show yourself the ethnic Indian goods. Stay tuned, for more of Indian goods from other parts of India. Happy Travelling!


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