These Are Seven Sacred Rivers Of India

Sacred rivers

Sacred rivers – India enriched with the ancient beliefs that are mentioned¬† in our sacred book “Bhagavad Gita” millions and millions of people worship and also depend on the supply of its river water for survival.

Sacred rivers of India –

1 – Ganga River

Originated from the Himalayas, from Gomukh it flows down to the Bay of Bengal also the “National River” of India. You can the national aquatic animal ” Ganges Dolphins” jumping around at the mid of the river. Deltas are formed by the division of the river Ganga, with several pilgrims worshipping Ganga, temple situated on the banks of the river, Nilkanth Mahadev temple, Raghunathji temple, Tera Manil temple, Dakshineshwar temple.

2 – Yamuna River

Yamuna River has originated from the Yamunotri Mountains of the Himalayas flowing down to form the Yamuna River. It travels to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and merges to Allahabad, the most polluted river in India. Though it is the most sacred river of India flows with impurities collected by the industrial and human wastes. Did you hear of the Naini bridge? It runs over river Yamuna and the world heritage “Taj Mahal” is on the bank of Yamuna, Agra.

3 – Saraswati River

No trace of Saraswati river is found in the modern era, though it said that this scared river meets up at the confluence of the meeting point of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at “Triveni Sangam” Allahabad. The river is believed to flow underground, ancient river during the Vedic age flowed in the northern part of India.

Sacred rivers

4 – Narmada River

Born within Malaika ranges at Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh flows between Satpura and Vindhya ranges, finally ends into the Gulf of Khambat. Narmada river is one of the sacred rivers with many waterfalls in the Narmada Valleys, the ritual performing ghat or banks of the temples Amarkantak, Omkareshwar temples and Maheshwar temples, the sixth longest river of India that flows in the northern peninsula apart for other two rivers which is often known as Shankari.

Sacred rivers

5 – Godavari River

Sacred river of Hindus that has been described in many sculptures of temples and scriptures also the heritage of India, the second largest river of India after Ganga. Origin from the Triambakeshwar, Maharashtra. You can find many sacred banks and temples near the Godavari river, Saraswati temple in Basara, Nirmal District, Telangana. Nasik city in Maharashtra at the bank of Narmada is known as the holy city.

Sacred rivers

6 – Kaveri River

Recently many controversies are seen on Kaveri river and supply of the water. Sacred river flowing for years through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Sources are from the Western Ghats of Karnataka flowing down to the Deccan Plateau joining the Bay of Bengal. Since the river water is important for irrigation and household works the Centre constituted a Cauvery Water Management Authority under the direction of Supreme court, 1st June 2018, has shared the river water between two states which was once under dispute.

Sacred rivers

7 – Kshipra River

Kshipra river joins the Chambal river, it rises from the northern part of Dhar district and flows down the Malwa plateau to the Chambal river. The river does not flow around the year, it almost dries down during summer and starts after the rainfalls. Sriram Ghat in Ujjain is famous for the spiritual and sacred beliefs of Kshipra River.

Sacred rivers

The seven secred rivers are flowing years after years through the hills, plains and plateaus to fulfil the requirements of millions and millions of people worshipping and surviving in India.

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