11 Practical Formulas Of Life By Osho

Philosophy of Osho

Philosophy of Osho – Understanding Osho and his thoughts are not easy, it needs you to be intellect and have a matured mind.

Choosing some precious value from Osho’s voice is as easy as it is, even harder.

Take anything from the bottomless ocean of his speech, from anywhere, every sentence is like a treatise. Thus, by adopting the Philosophy of Osho mentioned below, anyone can make their practical life a success.

The Philosophy of Osho

1 – The first formula says that humans tend to live either in their past or is in the future worries. He remains unhappy in both of these situations. Osho says that real life is in the present. It does not belong to any past or coming tomorrow. The one who is presently alive remains happy.

2 – The second formula of Osho’s philosophy is that we always run away from our sorrows and responsibilities and always find excuses to escape from them. We always blame others for our mistakes and failures. We can never be happy by going away from reality. Osho says that human beings should not run away from their circumstances. Be it good or bad we should always face reality.

3 – In the third formula, Osho has explained that the reason for the misery of human is that he does not accept anything or person as much as it is. Instead, we connect our thoughts in everything, due to which he misses from becoming his part and thus he becomes miserable. Osho says that whatever is happening, let it be, there should be no obstruction in it.

4 – The fourth thread says that human beings are always in tension. The possibility of wandering and aggressive in it always remains hidden. He is not happy and happy. Osho says that human is an energy. If we suppress that energy then it will appear somewhere else in some other way, so we should not be repressed instead oriented towards creation.

5 – In the fifth case, Osho does not complain about God but says thanks to him. Osho questions that is there any human whose mind is not filled with complaints! Whether at home or office, god or relationship, we always do complaining. We always look at what we did not get. Osho says that we should always think that what we get and should stay happy in that.

Philosophy of Osho

6 – In the sixth formula, Osho has shown utility of meditation in our life. People have always been praying for the fulfillment of their desires, have given priority to various rituals. People find meditation as a dull or gloomy task, and often question that what benefits do you get from meditation? Osho has told meditation the most important thing in life. He considered meditation as the basis of life.

7 – The seventh formula emphasizes to change yourself not others. Actually the major reason behind every problem is our nature of blaming others. Osho says that we have the same attitude with our circumstances.

8 – The eighth formula teaches not to encroach but balance in life. Osho says that the desire for happiness is the root of all sorrows. Happiness also brings sorrow to you. According to Osho, if there is no happiness in getting anything then there will be pain of losing it, this state is called renunciation.

9 – This formula does not support religion but righteousness. Humans have linked their identity to their particular religions. He says classification of humans on religious basis only increases the difference in various groups of society. The result was that today religion is first, man and his humanity secondary. Osho says happiness is the nature of man, and there is no caste or religions of happiness.

10 – Tenth formula talks about to accept instead of tolerating. Since childhood, we are taught to endure. Tolerance is said to be a good quality. It has been repeated over the years that if everyone becomes tolerant then there can be peace on the earth not only on personal but also on global scale. But today’s result is in front of everyone. Osho is in favor of understanding but not in favor.

11 – In his Eleventh formula of Philosophy, Osho says that man is very strange, he believes and worships the things made of humanity, but never sees himself by lifting his eyes on the creation of God and nature in it. The truth is that to believe in God means ‘Yes’ for everything, it is a complete acceptance and this life is its living-awakened proof.

Philosophy of Osho

This is Philosophy of Osho – So, these were the eleven golden formulas of leading a happy life.

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