Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Are Going To Have A Break-Up!


All those hopeful girls and boys dancing with joy, stop right there in your tracks!

Read carefully, they haven’t broken up, they are going to!

And only IF certain conditions are met! ONLY IF!!!

Yeah, now since your excitement levels are down and reality has sunk in, let’s tell you what’s actually happening in the love-birds’ nest.

In comparison to love affairs of the cricketing world and Bollywood, this love affair is at a very nascent stage, kind of a new born. However, it is growing up really fast and it is a fact that when things move faster than required, lot of accidents happen. Same can be the case with Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma if certain things are not taken care of.

The first and foremost reason is Anushka’s acting assignments. No doubt that she is one of the top rated stars of the country and has been doing some of the most amazing projects, the latest one being Dil Dhadakne Do. However, what puzzles is how Virat would be taking in the kissing scenes and love-making scenes Anushka do so very often! Well, we are broad-minded and we do consider it as a part of her job and no big deal about it. But Virat is publicly known to be short-tempered and a typical dilli-walla munda! Is he taking it well?

Before they became a couple, it was not even an issue for Anushka to conduct her professional career the way she wanted to and even now, it should not be of anyone’s concern. However, what if during one of those long intimate scenes and rehearsals etc, she develops some feeling towards her co-actor? How difficult or impossible is that? There are load of love-stories in Bollywood that started with couples spending long hours together and displaying such intimacy on-screen! Where would that leave Virat?

Also, what if Virat finds someone else during one of his long overseas tours when Anushka isn’t around him? Given the massive female fan following that Virat has all over the world, it is not a big deal for girls to throw themselves at him! Yes, as of now, he has resisted the temptations, but who knows about the future guys?

Long distance relationships are not easy to work upon. Since one partner is seen kissing and getting intimate, so very often with so many different men, the trust issues are obviously going to erupt every few days if not hours! Indian men are not known for open-minded approach, but most are considered to be orthodox in their approach when it comes to their wives and girlfriends. We don’t know yet what category Virat falls into, but if he is one of those old-school kinds, then the relationship is doomed for sure!

It will not be a matter of “if” but it will be a concern of “when”!

Let’s hope the day never comes and they live happily ever-after!

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