Know The Value Of Social Relations According To Osho!

Rajneesh Osho

You must have heard about Rajneesh Osho.

But do we all really agree with Rajneesh Osho? Mind you, Rajneesh Osho is known as the sex guru. But do know why he is called sex guru?

I am sure you must be thinking that he is a scandalous guru like other gurus these days.

Hold on! don’t worry there is no such scandal related to him but he is called so because he openly speaks on a subject on which the world is growing, means Sex. Yes, he speaks on a topic on which the citizen of India does not speak openly, he talks about a subject which is the base of mankind.

Rajneesh Osho

But unfortunately, most of the people don’t like¬†Rajneesh Osho much.

Well! today we are going to share a statement of Rajneesh Osho with you, whether he is right or wrong, is completely your decision-

Question: Indian culture is a very tolerant culture. Buddha did not believe in God, Patanjali also denied the existence of God. When you lived in the US for five years, did you see this difference?

Osho-I’ve seen the difference. The difference is that as far as contemplation is concerned, India is very generous and tolerant. But when the question of social behaviour comes, it becomes very tough. America is very generous in relation to social life but is very stubborn about contemplation etc. If we see the level of their views, then the most educated people in America will be found talking like the pastoral people of India and they do not see their idiocy.

When I was in jail, the jailer was curious about me. Even the entire prison was curious. The jailer came to meet me, he was quite an experienced old man. He said, I have come to give you this Bible, he describes it as the statement of God.

Rajneesh Osho

I asked him, how did you know that it is God’s statement?

He said God, Himself has said so in this Bible that this is my statement.

I said, I can also write a book, in which I would say that this statement is God’s statement, the Quran is the word of Allah. Jews say the path is the word of God. Then what is the difference? Which is the true word of God and who is the right God?

He could not understand what I was saying. I said, this proves that intellectually you are far behind from the east, where we worshipped people like Buddha, who did not believe in God but even then we have called him as out God.

I reminded him of H.G. Wells, who wrote about Buddha: He was the most devoid of God, yet it can be like God, and it can be so. A person can be like God without God. There is no obstruction in it.

Rajneesh Osho

And I told him, I am in front of you and there is no God and no word of God. Yes, there are people who have known the ultimate truth of existence. But they are also continuously saying that whatever is said is not exactly the same. What we have experienced, there is a lot that gets lost in translating it from the higher of language into the human language.

So calling these simple words as God’s words and that too, by the wise and educated person of the world’s most powerful country, seems to be idiotic.

But in the case of social behaviour, they are very generous. You can wear anything, you can do any kind of work. You can be educated, and read whatever you like. In terms of social structure, those people are more generous than us.

But when it comes to contemplation, they are backward. Whereas we have always been generous about contemplation in India. For thousands of years, we have been talking logically in a friendly manner. There has been no conflict with any of us, no animosity. Because the two sides were not fighting each other. Rather, both were the investigators of the truth, and if the person gets the achievement, then both of them were willing to become disciples of each other, in which they did not experience humiliation.

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