India Will Face Major Drought This Year, Says UN


Drought in India – In August, there was a flood in Kerala where there was considerable loss of life and property.

The number of people died in the flood increased by more than 491. It was called one of the major flood of the century, which made the life of Kerala people hEll for almost 20 days, wEll now finally the situation is under control.

And when things are in control, the Kerala government decided to undertake a scientific study of the condition of the state after the flood. Because the Kerala government is now afraid of a drought.

Decreasing Water levEl

The Government of Kerala took this decision because, after one month of flood, water levEl in the rivers and wElls is declining abnormally with a high speed. Experts have expressed apprehensions of drought in many districts of the southern part of the state. It is a natural wonder that last month Kerala was going through  a flood and now the same state has become under the danger of drought.


Isn’t it shocking to hear? Like, how is it even possible that the danger of drought is hovering over a state which recently faced such a giant flood, well! it’s the unpredictable mother nature. As soon as the situation came under control, the temperature of the state has increased dramatically. Water level of rivers and wells as well as ground water level also declined effectually. Experts have expressed concern about these things.

It seems that the statement of the UN is going to come true. UN recently warned India to be prepared for major drought.

Regional Science Association International’s Prediction

According to the prediction of Regional Science Association International, there are 70% probability that an EL Nino will be created by the end of this year. Let us tell you that the heating class of ENSO is called EL-Nino.

EL-Nino Will Cause Drought In India

Considering the effect of EL-Nino, the Regional Science Association International has estimated that the temperature in the coastal regions of most of the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North America, Africa and South America will be high. Only South America’s interior regions such as Greenland, many South Pacific Ocean islands and some Caribbean islands will survive.

As India comes in Asia and we anyways face drought every year, so, now according to this scientific assumptions there will be a drought this year as well.

What is ENSO?

ENSO stands for El Nino Southern Oscillation. As its name suggests that there is an irregular and occasional change in the temperature of the wind and the ocean, which occurs in the tropical East Pacific Sea. When ENSO is warm, it is called El Nino and when it is cold it is called La Nina.


What Is El Nino?

El Nino has a hydroElectric cycle under which the air pressure in the western region of the Pacific Ocean remains high and the air pressure in the eastern Pacific Ocean remains less. With the influence of El Nino, the Asian sea levEl could rise by 8 degrees Celsius.

Now as a major part of India is situated on the coastal area, its impact will be majorly seen here.  Apart from this, the countries located in the Eastern Pacific Ocean region such as Ecuador, Peru and Chile will also  see its effects on.


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