These Haunted Places Only A Strong Heart Can Visit

Haunted places acrosss the world

Haunted places acrosss the world – So what if Halloween is over, the spooky tales will never fail to chill your spine. Who doesn’t like to watch a horror movie which says ‘It is based on real incidents’?

Well, let me just reframe the question now. Who will not be curious to visit a haunted site which has a history of alarming accidents?

Below are the Haunted places acrosss the world I would recommend only to a strong hearted person, to visit:

Haunted places acrosss the world –

1 – The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California: 

Before getting docked permanently, this beautiful ship has served its 30 years to the Waters. Interestingly, the ship now organized spooky activities to its guest for fun and entertainment. Though these activities includes dining with real spirits, paranormal investigation and ship walk, etc. Ever looking for a perfect Halloween spot? Try this.

2 – Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:

In day time, the place might appear nothing more than an abandoned fort, visited by people from all walks of life, as a recreational site. But as soon as the Sun moves towards West and the night comes to the frame the place turns into a atrocious site. Many visitors have experienced the presence of some supernatural elements at the place even the day time. Though stay after 6 pm is forbidden, yet attempt of such has also reported.

3 – Delhi Cantt, Delhi:

Ever drove someone queer for they have asked lift from you? Maybe. But ever gave it to a ghost? It is believed, a woman in white attire seeks for a lift and if you deny her, she would run as fast as your vehicle. Sounds crazy.

Haunted places acrosss the world

4 – Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi:

You might have seen this place on big cinema screen, but I would suggest to experience in reality if you have that spooky nerve. After Sunset, like any other haunted place, Agrasen ki Baoli also turns into a site of paranormal activities.

Haunted places acrosss the world

5 – The Ancient Ram In, Wooten-Under-Edge, United Kingdom:

Built in 1100’s, this hotel has been serving as an atrocious site of spooky events. Though eventually it loose its customers because of the same. It is believed that the place has been constructed on a Pagan burial ground, where once, children were used to be sacrificed. Besides, screaming and cries, guests have also feel spirits of children roaming and crying. How about dine in here? 

Haunted places acrosss the world

6 – Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty:

Though this hotel has been shut down due to the real life incidents reported. One of them includes hearing of sound from first floor of the building in mid of the night. The sound was of rearranging the furniture. When the Choreographer of famous Bollywood movie Raaz, reported about this event to the receptionist, they have been informed that there is no first floor in the premises.

Haunted places acrosss the world

These are Haunted places acrosss the world – Often, people visit such places with a frame of idea that they would experience the same as mentioned by, and what they have heard from other people as well. But when they fail to, they call it a gigantic hoax. Remember, even when you go for a Safari, not all animals make you feel their presence, forget about ghost then. Far away to be manageable.

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