Honeypreet Was Obsessed To Get A Slim Figure Like KATRINA KAIF, Says Gym Trainer!

Honeypreet Wanted Slim Figure

Honeypreet Wanted Slim FigureGurmeet Ram Rahim and his so-called daughter Honeypreet Insan are trending since days. Especially, Honeypreet has caught media’s attention a lot and people want to know more and more about her.

It has been said, that Honeypreet Insan and Gurmeet Ram Rahim had an illicit relationship. And that was the only reason Honeypreet’s husband divorced her. Well, it’s an old news but something that cannot be ignored. For those who want to know about her recent update, let me tell you, that India Today interviewed Honeypreet’s gym trainer and spilled some secrets about her.

You will be surprised to know that Honeypreet wanted to be like B-town diva KATRINA KAIF.

Yes, according to her gym trainer, she worked hard daily to be like the Bollywood actress. Not only that; she revealed that Honeypreet was literally obsessed to get a Zero Figure like the Famous b-town actress. To get that, she used to work hard in the gym over three hours and she also followed a diet plan to achieve Katrina Kaif’s body and looks.

Isn’t that surprising?

Wait, there’s some more that you need to know about her.

Honeypreet’s gym trainer revealed that “Sometimes, Honeypreet used to break down in the middle of her workout, especially to dance on Katrina Kaif’s song from Dhoom 3.”

Wondering about the song? Me too!

On the other end, Honeypreet’s gym wasn’t ordinary but there was an exclusive gym for her. Plus, her trainers had been specially called from foreign countries. Her gym trainers say, Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Honeypreet used to workout in the same gym. Other than that; many are sure that their relationship was more than Father-Daughter duo.

Well, wonder what KATRINA KAIF’s reaction would be on this. Secondly, does she even care to comment on something like this? Well, we all know that Bollywood is happy that Gurmeet is in jail and many including Twinkle Khanna voiced their opinions on this matter.

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