Dear Mr Jha, How ‘˜CIA Agent’ Subramanian Swamy Can Be An ‘˜Ultranationalist’ Too?

Dear Mr Jha, How ‘˜CIA Agent’ Subramanian Swamy Can Be An ‘˜Ultranationalist’ Too?

If the words are not chosen carefully, they tend to give an entirely different meaning to the expression. Same happened with WikiLeaks when it released a cable containing information of emergency era in India.

In a cable dated February 1977 (, the BJP (then Jan Sangh) leader Subramanian Swamy is cited as the source who “suggested” the department officers that then prime minister Indira Gandhi may announce elections in March due to her “falling health”.

The whole para reads:

Subramanian swamy suggested to department officer ten days ago that he heard mrs. Gandhi was prompted to set the march election date because she wanted to square things away in view of her qte failing health unqte.

But the twitter handle of WikiLeaks sensationalized the matter when it used the term “political intelligence” while releasing the information.


The cable is a mere third person account of a conversation that Swamy had while he was in exile in US. But Congress and AAP jumped to this opportunity and started tweeting how Swamy was a “CIA agent”.

Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha tweeted:


While it is unexplained as to why WikiLeaks sensationalized the matter, it was undoubtedly immature on Jha’s part to spread false information. Now he finds himself in a soup as another cable from WikiLeaks ( says that Swamy is nothing but an “ultranationalist” who is very much “against US”.

The passages in the cable also explain how Swamy fled the country during emergency and slipped into US for protecting himself.

Meanwhile Swamy, an active social media member, has put a detailed post on his Facebook page ( and has voiced his concerns on twitter too. Swamy threatened to file a defamation suit against Jha on the issue.

Using strong words against Jha, he tweeted:





In all its likelihood, Congress may distance itself from Jha’s tweet and ‘Swamy is a CIA agent’ barb. But no one can deny the fact that Swamy has given the political party a run for its money and existence. Swamy has filed innumerous cases against Congress party and its corrupt alliance partners in some of which he has rightly achieved success.

To defame Swamy has always been an ulterior motive of his critics. But, time and again, they find themselves in the same mess which they try to create for him. This time is no different…