Women’s Day Special: ‘Let’s Walk Together’ Is What Every Girl And Guy Should Watch

Women's Day

On the eve of women’s day, Kara Studios has come up with a Rap song which is not just a ordinary song to humm and enjoy.

This rap is altogether at next level for its thought.

The video clearly states  one should not feel that here’s just another ‘Rape Poem’  of Women’s Lib Rap (as many artists have already essayed on the topics) but it stands out of all, as this song is the celebration of both the genders.   As the lyrics go  “we live in the world of duality and we expand more when we function in unity, we too feel that both sexes are equally important pillars of the society.

It helps to understand  ‘woman’ as  well as ‘man’ which is confused and often put together in a race to tout them which is superior and inferior.

So instead of just debating over who is powerful, who is great or not, we should accept that man and woman, both, do not need any specific definition which confines them and also we should not have any stereotypical notions about them or follow them blindly.

Watch out the lyrical journey on womanhood and manhood which is unconventional and refreshing at the same time.

Watch the rap song right here ” Lets Walk Together ” 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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