Top Facts About The Left Handed Individuals

Left handed individuals

Left handed individuals – Are you a left handed individual? Feel proud as We lefties make up only 10 percent of the entire population across the globe. Being left-handed individual throughout my childhood, and perhaps now too I have struggled a lot with the scissors.

Let us all unite and celebrate our independence as we stand unique!

The count of 10 percent is known to remain steady for the left-handers for the past three decades. Mingling more with the statistics, the ratio of the left-handed individuals are 1 in 10.

Let us take a tour of some of the engaging facts about left handed individuals.

Left handed individuals –

1 – Excellent grasp in Visual-spatial tasks:

Do you know that we left-handed individuals are blessed to grasp the visual-spatial tasks more clearly in comparison with our right handed counterpart? Visual spatial tasks reflects a strong influence towards the field of fine arts and architectures. It is a moment of glory for us as we are born artists! On the other hand, right handers are more keen in pursuing fields related to the maths and science. In lieu of this, amongst the 5 original contributors to the Macintosh Computers, 4 were left handers.

2 – Possess Higher IQ levels:

Have you ever imagined that we left-handed individuals are blessed with a higher IQ levels? Lefties are born geniuses. One of the research survey worked out by St. Lawrence University of New York, released the findings that higher was the ratio of left-handed individuals who possessed a whopping IQ  of around 140. Some of the most notable lefties are Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton- the geniuses of all times. There are many more left-handed famous personality names to pen down.

3 – Do you have a zest to know whether your baby is a right-handed individual or a leftie?

Well, this is one of the rising curiosity of most of the parents to find out the dominant hand of their baby. In order to find whether your foetus shall progress as righty or lefty, you need to concentrate on your ultrasounds. The ultrasounds shows that nearly 90 percent of the individuals favors right thumb, and hence reflects the right handed populations. In a research worked out on the toddlers, when they were placed on the table with their tummies down, those intended to develop as a right handed individual turned his or her head towards right and vice-versa.

Left handed individuals

4 – Age of the mother too reflects the dominant hand of the expected baby- research

Have you ever noticed that mostly babies born to the mothers who are above 40 years of age are expected to be lefties? Well, a research study worked out in the past hints towards this finding. The research concludes that around 125 percent times the mothers over age of 40 years are likely to give birth to a leftist representative.

Left handed individuals

Have you ever noticed that we lefties usually draw figures facing towards right?

Interestingly, we left handed individuals pose a natural calibre to draw figures which face towards our right. On the contrary, we stumble up while drawing figures facing towards left. This holds true for me!


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