These Are The Hilarious Reasons Why Girls Stalk Other Girls’ Profile On Social Media

Girls stalk other girls profile

Girls stalk other girls profile – The ‘sisters before misters’ quote lose its potency when two girls swear their rivalry and enmity towards each other over career, boyfriend, money or anything.

What flares into a bitter feud among two girls, a bitch fight or a cold war that is to say, is having to share a guy. Take for instance, a guy is a pathological Casanova and switches from this girl to that leaving the former jealous and frustrated, she then will drink more water, do more squats, create a fake social media account and comb-search the latter’s profile for details.

A jealous woman can beat sleuths like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot for intelligence I tell you.

Leaving this aside, girls have many reasons Girls stalk other girls profile in social media and here are they:

Girls stalk other girls profile –

1 – For their lifestyle:

The rich-bitch is always a persona grata to them two-ponytailed ones. The rich bitch wears better clothes, has a bigger car, parties with sinfully bearded hotties and enjoys all the liberty from her parents. She is a trailblazer and hence breeds many a green eyed monsters in her same sex.

2 – For their outfits:

Research has proven, girls follow profiles of others girls in social media more than the boys. Girls admire other girls who have a keen sense of style. They will stalk them down to death for extracting information about the outfit they wear, this minimizes their effort and become stylish like them by simply following their footsteps.

3 – For their boyfriend:

If the other girls enjoys the intimacy of the college hottie, she will be a buzzword in no time. Other girls will bookmark her profile instinctively to catch glimpses of the handsome breathtaker every now and then. This is because they are fascinated by the guy, frustrated by the mediocrity of their own boyfriends, and not to mention, jealous from the girl who walks hand in hand with him across the campus.

4 – For their popularity:

The social butterfly is bestowed with the gift of the gab thereby giving a boost to fandom in people. Her presence is key for all friends gatherings and she can speak at length while other people sit mesmerized or paralyzed. No matter if she spins a yarn about everything bordering on imagination, other girls will have no option but to hear her for her confidence. Of course, this talent will spark curiosity in her fellow girls and they will visit their profile for more inspiration.

5 – To find out if she is really a slut:

Whoa! Hang on there. Girls do consider the boys’ favourite one a slut and miss out on no opportune moment to slut-shame her at her back. So, in the same line, they think her social media account too will perhaps give them another set of juicy gossip hence they stalk her profile to have a sneak peek in her life with boys.

Girls stalk other girls profile – Girls are really mean when they are jealous from their other counterpart and they swear by their social media accounts to feed fat their aforesaid curiosities.

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