Manoj Bajpai Loves A Man In Aligarh (Sexually)!!

We talk about Manoj Bajpai playing a gay professor’s role in his next film. It will be the first mainstream film with gay romance. Will it work?

This is shocking, right?

Manoj Bajpai, India’s one of the most talented actors who has entertained us with his superlative acting in movie after movie for more than a decade now; can he love a man? And that too sexually?

Well, yes he can!

That’s what he is going to do very soon, in his next film titled, Aligarh!

Breathing easy now, huh?

Even if it is for a movie, it is still kind of shocking. No doubt Manoj is known for his acting talent and he gets into the skin of the character, but playing a gay professor and having an out and out homosexual love-making scene is really bold even for his standards.

Making love on screen isn’t new for him though. He has done it with Shamita Shetty (remember her?? Shilpa Shetty’s younger sister who tried everything to be like her elder sister, but failed?) in Fareb and the scene was quite sensuous to say the least. Who can forget his wild and, in his own words, Over The Top sex scene in Gangs Of Wasseypur? Manoj is no Emraan Hashmi, known for his kissing or erotic scenes, but he has dabbled in them and with some success as far as the sexual chemistry is concerned.

But does it have it in him to do the same with another man, on-screen? As per the director of the movie, Hansal Mehta (maker of Rajkumar Rao starrer Citylights), the movie is inspired from a real life incident of a gay professor who was expelled just weeks before retirement after being caught making out with a man. Given the requirement of the script, Hansal didn’t have to convince Manoj to go ahead with this bold step. The most interesting thing about the whole affair is that the movie will not show the sex scene as a suggestion, but will be shown as a full-blown sequence! Now that’s something to watch out for!

The reason it is going to be shocking, scandalous and what not is that even though gay sex has been explored in a few other movies like Dunno Y.. Na Jaane Kyon, Dostana etc., but either the subject was handled in a frivolous and funny manner or the actors didn’t have the calibre to pull off something as sensitive and thought-provoking as gay sexuality. With the combination of stalwarts like Manoj Bajpai and a director who is known for bringing real issues on screen, it can be safely said that the subject of homosexuality, which is always under scrutiny in our country will be dealt fairly and with respect.

Looking forward to some amazing performances and a sensible film!

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