Fat Is The New Fad – Bhumi Pednekar Shows You How!

Dum Lagake Haisha - Bhumi Pednekar

The term ‘fat’ becomes a tainted mark on your personality if you are slightly healthy and especially if you are a girl.

There would be loads of fashion experts suggesting ways to reduce that extra mass.

The movie #DumLagaKeHaisha on the contrary will show you how to wear your mass with flamboyance.

Yes if you happened to watch the film over the weekend then I am sure you must have developed an immediate likeable factor about the heroine.

The movie starring Ayushmann Khuarrana and Bhumi Pednekar as the main lead is not very appealing in terms of the entertainment factor. The film is rather lengthy. Nonetheless the personality depicted by the female lead – Bhumi is class apart.

She is without doubt the scene stealer.

The typical crave of the dream girl limits to figure and looks. Doing a fashion post I would not get into the ideal zone and preach about broadening outlook.

But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The beholder doesn’t necessarily have to be someone.

Before expecting others to see your inner beauty it is important that you first admire yourself.

If you are confident about your looks then no matter what people say you will always look beautiful. This is depicted in the character of Sandhya in the film played by Bhumi Pednekar. She tries wooing her husband Prem Prakash Tiwari played by Ayushmann but her life doesn’t revolve only around her husband. She makes it clear that she won’t take any s**t from anyone be it her in-laws or even her husband.

She files for a divorce and she makes the decision if she wants to be with him or not. Even though she loves him, she is not at his mercy.

This attitude of self-love is the most striking point in any personality.

The intellectual reverts to the hurtful taunts is another way of displaying your personality and sometimes silence is golden.

For example there is a scene in the film where her aunt-in-law deliberately asks her if people in her family go for morning walks. She reverts saying she does Yoga at home. The aunt replies “haan wo toh dikh raha hain.”

One would immediately expect the other person to feel hurt or show some sign of anger but when her aunt-in-law taunts her she simply ignores the comment and continues her work.

She loves her body and clearly she isn’t ashamed of it.

The silence and content expression would kill the person taunting you as to how you are so unaffected.

Last but not the least her dressing sense is also very classy. She wears mostly full sleeves sweaters blending perfectly with the sarees.

The attire beautifully compliments her figure and not to forget the hand bag on her shoulder adds simplicity to her unique personality.

If you have these 3 things: self-respect, killer IQ and flamboyance then you can change the perception just like Bhumi Pednekar does in this film as she shows how being fat is fashionable too.

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