You Can’t Do These Things If You Wear Glasses, No! You Can’t Bebe

Wearing glasses are really daunting, it slips off your nose, it is sometimes high on wanderlust sometimes and gets lost. Especially, girls are given detestable names when they wear glasses such as Chashmish, Jassi etc.

After all, it is not easy to put up with people making fun at your expense for those tiny little glass shields around your eyes. Yes, we understand you have to forgo many wishes of yours because you wear glasses and that makes us sad too! However, with a heavy heart, we lay down beneath some examples from your no-to-do list if you are Wearing glasses, *sob*

Wearing glasses –

1 – You can’t take a steam bath:

The caution might be harmful to your self-esteem but girl, you can’t take a steam bath if you wair those pair of glasses in case if you don’t want to go literally misty-eyed.

2 – You can’t walk in the rain:

As because your glasses won’t come with windshields, you won’t probably walk in the rain and hum John Denver’s You Fill Up My Senses.

3 – You can’t do a barbell deadlift:

Because that needs a lot of forward bending and there will be always a fear of your glasses falling off! Sad.

4 – You can’t use a telescope:

Well, the Nebulas and Jupiter will be visitors in your dream and you can’t see them in your waking hours because that would require a telescope and you wear glasses.

5 – You can’t wear false-thick-eyelashes:

You have to put that extra drama to rest and settle for simple mascaras because in all probabilities, your eyelashes will brush against the glasses there by rendering your eyes itchy and worse, they can come off in the most awkward moment after you have had fiddled with them.

6 – You can’t have your glasses back from people unsmudged:

People will nag about try your glasses and once they try it will be handover to next eager soul and when it returns to your hand you will spot smudges all over it much to your annoyance.

7 – You can’t lie on your side comfortably:

This sounds ghastly. Take for instance, you are lying on the couch and watching TV, suddenly you feel like rolling on your side but then you realize one of your glasses have gone 45 degrees upwards.

8 – You can’t drink hot beverages:

Because it will always leave your glasses misty and you can’t finish your drink without having to wipe your glasses every minute.

9 – You can’t take proper selfies:

However heartbreaking it might sound, but proper selfies will not be your wheelhouse if you wear glasses because there will always be reflection of your phone taking up half your face on the glasses. Phew!

10 – Forget putting on a face mask:

You can’t put a face mask properly because, obviously, the glasses will be biggest hurdles to deal with in the first place.

11 – You can’t watch a 3D movie comfortably:

Because it will require 3D glasses and you will have to wear them atop your regular glasses so no matter if the sight will be doubly filtered and germ free, your discomfort level will soar up.

You can’t do these thing when you are Wearing glasses – So, if you are spec(S)tacular too, you need to rush into the nearest store soonest and buy good contact lenses! Go girl.

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